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Tonight’s 4th of July WWE RAW, WWE Trademarks for CM Punk and Undertaker

– Happy 4th of July from everyone here on the site.

– Tonight’s WWE RAW will be a taped show with the fallout from last week’s CM Punk promo. WWE is advertising a #1 contender’s match between Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth for tonight’s show. Vince McMahon will also be making a special appearance.

– On June 22nd, WWE registered the “CM Punk” name for merchandise use. WWE trademarked Punk’s name for wrestling use back in 2009. It will be interesting to see if they allow Punk to use the name once he leaves the company. WWE also recently registered “The Last Outlaw” for wrestling use, which goes along with The Undertaker.

  • wildeye

    they say they are using it for merchandise and stuff but they can turn around and be assholes by telling him he cant use it. also so that no other wrestling company can make money off the name

  • Generic Troll

    thanks for input sounds like he can use the name elsewhere but they’re just using it for any merchandise or dvds or well as said the new video game etc. etc. he’ll be punk whereever he goes, they just have merchandise titles which i think means he gets stuff all from merch once he leaves on the 18th

  • venom

    Sounds like Punk’s fault for not tradmarking his own name.

  • wildeye

    hey think back to Sable and Mark Mero. Mark Mero is his real name but cause he left WWE on bad terms he is never allowed to wrestle under his name cause WWE owns the trademark on a business level. Same as Sable she isnt allowed to use her name as a character either. Hogan owned the trademark to his name but he gave it to Pisoff so his ex couldnt take any money from him with all the stuff that has to do with the name Hulk Hogan.

  • adam tarasievich

    I think punk resigned and this is all a storyline to make him the antisuperstar like how austin was. I think them registering for the copywrite is making me lean more toward thinking he is staying. Money in the bank should be intresting and i say 2 titles will change hand christian will win the world title and get a real run and Punk will win the WWE title and stay with wwe.

  • JipC

    First of all, if CM Punk doesnt have the name trademarked for wrestling (im pretty sure he does) he is an idiot. Second, CM Punk is his creation, He can prove he created it before WWE trademarked it. It will cost about 100 grand tho. The Dudley Boyz couldve done the same thing, but they chose to keep the 100 grand and call themselves team 3d

  • Skoochi

    Knightcon… u ever hear of AWA?? Long before Terry went onto the WWF… he was known as Hulk Hogan.

  • knightcon

    @Hombre malo. Vince came up with Hulk Hogan. And Hogan worked for the WWF before WCW even existed.

  • Bill

    @Mark Middleton, how do you know Punk is guarenteed leave the company? He may resign & continue to wrestle, or spjust take a break & return later,

  • Kris

    hogan was smart enough to trademark his anme before doing that

  • CC

    Simple fact is, if the wrestlers themselves do not trademark the names they use, then anyone else can do it if they so choose.
    That said, it may not be what everyone thinks as dont forget, MVP is still using the name created by WWE with no issues.

    Its highly unlikely the WWE would have registered Punks name without some kind of deal being struck between them.

  • Hombre Malo

    @shawn Hogan had that name before he headed “up north”

  • blackjohn

    typo *sports entertainers

  • blackjohn

    Depends on the contract he signed. They might own the name now that they’ve made him an inter/national star. WWE tends to buy out the names of it’s wrestlers or create new ones for them so they can own them tho.

  • Dale

    The Dudley Boyz. Remember them?

  • shawn

    @ Generic Troll i hate to assume but i THINK when you register a name for your company you may use it for product production like video games and dvds. i dont really know if its agreed on by contract, but it sounds right if any other wrestler has been paid for their likeness or name before (i think they have and weren’t with the wwe). cm punk MADE cm punk so hed better get profit. names made up from wwe like hulk hogan was given to their respective wrestlers by some kind of paper form i bet

  • Generic Troll

    hang on, i’m not extremely learned on law but if punk’s used that name since he first started wrestling, never brooks or anything always CM Punk, wouldn’t he have the rights to it? can he not sue wwe if they make money off HIS name if he has prior evidence of using the name? is that what your saying @shawn? or am i completely incorrect?

    can someone clarify what rights Punk has to his name he brought to the company please and as to whether he has a right to use it in say ROH say he left, or whether he can sue them or get royalties or something?

    why would he not of registered it to begin with?

  • shawn

    happy 4th! and if cm punk WANTS to wrestle or do anything else with that name hed have to pay the wwe. id just sit back and wait for provisions if they produce anyyhing with the name i thought of, then go backlater when the bank account goes down to 1 million $.