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Tonight’s Impact, Backstage News on Aces & 8s, Abyss

– TNA star Abyss turns 39 years old today.

– MMA star King Mo will make his TNA debut on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Also set for tonight’s show is a face off between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries, Miss Tessmacher and ODB vs. Tara and Gail Kim plus more on Team TNA vs. Aces & 8s.

– It was previously speculated that Eric Bischoff is the voice behind Aces & 8s but that is not the case. For what it’s worth, there are people within TNA who believe Eric’s son Garett Bischoff will end up being a key part of Aces & 8s.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • adam

    It should be bully ray i mean it fits him so well and it could keep him in the main event were he belongs. As for garrett if he is in the group ok but he should not be the leader because as of his last match he is still awful in the ring and cant talk.

  • eric

    depends can tna draw ratings. get out of 1’s. tna needs big storyline. something wwe is not doing. to get casual fans, wwe fans, just like wcw did in 90’s. tna is doing really low ratings. when wcw was around 4 10 yrs. they were drawing in 3’s and 4’s tna needs something new and exciting to draw big ratings.

  • scooter

    Should be Bully Ray! Eric Bischoff would make it just another NWO where as Bully Ray could fit in with the whole sons of anarchyesque gimmick they’ve got going on.

  • Apacaveli

    Its Eric Bischoff As Leader Of Aces and Eights And Mastermind Behind It With Son Garrett Bischoff As Co-Leader Watch And See How It Unfolds At Bound For Glory Nextweek.

  • Sam Peters

    i guess that could work, Eric’s son doing it to try and prove to his dad that the business really does run within the family which would bring Eric back to manage hie son, could also sight his reason was the fact of how he has be treated because of his name being Bischoff