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– Rob Van Dam spoke with SunSport this week. Regarding working for TNA over WWE, he said: “Man, I love TNA! It’s a wonderful place to work. Something WWE never let me do were acting jobs, they turned them down for me. But now I’ m in a situation where I can do these things. WWE just didn’t see the potential of these opportunities and they really ruined my chances back then. I was in some very good places and they just blew it for me, by refusing point blank to negotiate anything. Whereas Dixie Carter lets us explore our possibilities and gives us that chance. Her philosophy is that our extended profile helps TNA enhance its own, and of course it does.”

RVD said a WWE return in the future for him is highly unlikely and cited his respect for Dixie Carter: “Dixie is a real people person, she is what fuels TNA, we all feed of her enthusiasm for the company. She wants first hand connection with our fans. It’s so different to how Vince McMahon runs his company. At this stage of my career they take so much better care of me, than the WWE ever did at any point. I’d go as far as to say I mean more to TNA than I ever did in WWE.

Fair play to anyone who does go back but, you know, I was so burned out and had so much trouble in my last year there that I just wanted away from that scenario. I couldn’t enjoy going out to the ring and doing my thing, it was killing me. My contract ended and I wanted out, they offered me a new one and I said no. I’m so happy being able to have the freedom at last to juggle my other projects and still go out each night and be the whole FN show.”

– Matches for tonight’s TNA iMPACT include Scott Steiner vs. Jesse Neal, Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck, Winter vs. Velvet Sky and Matt Hardy, Abyss and Brother Ray vs. Rob Van Dam, Sting and Mr. Anderson in a steel cage main event.

  • E

    Maybe he and jeff hardy should form a team called the drug addicts, and rvd should make a new nickname for himself, he should call himself j.l.b. (Just a lil Bitter). Wwe gave him the ball to run with as both ecw and wwe champion what other susperstar could say that about themselves? He fucked up, I love how people blame others for their fuck up.

  • Dr. Pimp

    @Nicholas G Yeah suck that WWDick Nich. How does it taste? is it good? Get that WWE fanboy bullshit out of here.

  • Nicholas G

    Man RVD and Jeff Hardy are a lot a like another junkies happy to be in a place where they can do an smoke what every they want. Oh don’t tell me RVD didn’t get his far push in WWE. It just that RVD is really not that impressive if you ask me him an Jeff Hardy are still the most overrated wrestler on the internet. I mean when ECW was even in it prime not even Paul Haymen would give him an ECW title run because even Paul knew that RVD is just not somebody the fans want to see as World champion. RVD may be a good spot monkey put he is not somebody the mainstream wrestling fans will pay to see. An much like Angle, Jeff Hardy and now RVD it is the WWE who has not interest in either one of them. Not the other way around trust me if WWE came with the money anyone of them would sign with WWE in a heart beat. I mean Y2J he is a free agent right now do you really see him going to TNA because I don’t an why is that. Because Jericho knows in the end of the day WWE is the place to be and place WWE will pay Jericho the money.

    In closing just love how you hear one side of the story. When you know at the end of the day there is really two reason why RVD will not be back in the WWE. 1. He wants to continue to get high and 2. WWE has no interest in RVD. The same goes with Angle and Jeff Hardy. Like I said before there is only one guy in TNA that will welcome back in WWE anytime. That is Ric Flair because he has never and will never talk down about the WWE and Vince Mac. Because he is not that bitter and knows where the try bread an butter is in Pro Wrestling.

  • shawn

    missing the point. he was saying he was burned out so he smoked pot when his plans were shot down.
    melt that cheese rvd!

  • theviewtvshow

    rvd is that shitful now he cant even hit the leapfrog

  • theviewtvshow

    drugs are more important in his life

  • theviewtvshow

    they gave him load of chances, when he got done with pot at the airport he was ecw champ and wwe champ, he would be a 8 time champ now if he wasn’t a pot smoker

  • theviewtvshow

    ruvd fucked himself, couldn’t put the bong down

  • http://mj380766@hotmail.com mj

    Didn’t they give RVD the TNA world title 2 weeks after his debut? he’s bad mouthing wwe for not being him but he wasn’t complaining when they gave him the wwe and ecw titles. The other think that i hate about him trash talking about wwe is he left in 2007. But he also came back in 2009 at the royal rumble. Wwe also paid him for him being apart of the smackdown vs raw 2011 game last year. So wwe have treated RVD like shit then. Charlie Haas that’s a guy who was treated like shit!

  • Sexton Hardcastle


    He did.
    Wrong Side of town with batista. Van Dam was the star infact.

  • Shay

    I agree with, TomC.

  • TomC

    I have heard MANY stories of how restricted many are within WWE – so I take what RVD says as credible. WWE basically OWNS you while you’re contracted with them. They don’t let you do ANYTHING without their approval – until they toss you away like last week’s leftovers.


    Like I said before y’all, RVD being loyal to his company, TNA, that’s all good. He SHOULD be loyal to his company, but talking about WWE the way he is, sayin’ how WWE wouldn’t let him do THIS, and WWE wouldn’t let him do THAT is just sour grapes!! It’s also a bunch of B.S.!!! Don’t get it twisted!!! If TNA went out of business TODAY, RVD would be in WWE TOMORROW!!!

  • Devil_Rising

    I’d go so far as to say “Sorry RVD, but not really”. He may mean more to the COMPANY, as in he means more to Dixie, than he did to Vince, if THAT’S what he’s saying. But otherwise? He was HUGE in WWE. Yes, WWE failed to capitalize on his tremendous (non-stop) popularity, but while he was with WWE, he was one of the most popular, most over wrestlers they ever had. To old ECW fans, AND new WWE fans. I miss him.

    I’m glad he’s found success in TNA, but WWE would be far more entertaining with him back. Just imagine a RVD/CM Punk feud.

  • lazlo woodbine


    fair play to RVD, seems happy enough with his situation, doesn’t make him a junkie though, just a guy who’s in control of his own life and what he does with it.

    and thumper! keep up the low grade trolling my man, usually makes me smile.

  • Thumper!

    U mad boiiss?

    Smoking weed is soo bad. Everyone should be straight edge. My god kids grow some balls.

  • mabry

    In a way RVD is right. I keep quoting what Jericho said in an interview about allways believing that the company you are at is the best no matter how much it actually sucks. That makes companies grow. So Rob saying good things about TNA is great, i agree with em. But trash talking WWE…. thats a different story. I insist, why cant TNA former WWE wrestlers stop talking about WWE. Focus on where you are, who cares about your suffering in WWE, i mean he spent a long time there and i dont understand why he complains now. Besides, being a junky doesnt help much with hes credibility, unfortunately for him, the first thing most of us think is that hes happy now cause he can get high freely….

  • CC

    Ok Rob, so if WWE held you back with the movie options, how come you didnt bother with any after you left.
    I know he was looking after his wife for a while, but there was still plenty of time after that.
    Also, if WWE was so much of a hell, how comes he negotiated with them before he gave in and went to TNA, but couldnt come to terms purely because he couldnt get the part time contract he wanted?
    Must be pretty shitty to be working for a company now that only weeks before signing with, he had ridiculed and said he would never work for such a small company as it would be taking a step backwards in his career.

    Give up the pot Rob, its obviously not doing you any good.

    Kinda reminds me of all those stupid anti-WWE & anti-Vince interviews Kurt Angle was doing a few years ago that made no sense when he claimed he never got a decent push in WWE, yet a few years later he is very complimentary of Vince and WWE.

  • theviewtvshow

    RVD ruined his own chances, this is why he isn’t in the wwe, he is a drug addict, he would never pass wellness policy smoke another bowl loser..

    he must be happy that dixie is paying him $250 a night

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