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Tonight’s RAW – Punk’s Decision, Tournament Finals, More

– Tonight’s WWE RAW takes place from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The big news for tonight’s show is CM Punk picking his opponent for Hell In a Cell – either John Cena or Ryback.

A match confirmed for tonight is Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes in the finals of the tag team tournament. Advertised locally is Sheamus vs. CM Punk.

WWE is focusing on the following points for tonight:

* Will the WWE Champion CM Punk pick John Cena or Ryback for Hell in a Cell?

* Will John Cena even be cleared to compete at Hell in a Cell?

* Who will win the Tag Team Tournament Final?

* What will Paul Heyman do next?

* If Punk doesn’t choose Ryback, how might he react?

  • paul s

    Its too soon for ryback to main event. Its just a reaction to no cena cuz they onky concentrate on his angles. Theyre either goin to ruin rybacks run or god forbid put the tilte on him. If punk doesnt face rock and beat him at rumble tnere is something very wrong going on. What are wesupposed to have a fuxking rock video every week? Cut the shit wit ryback and put him back to mid card so he can develop! U tberes an entire roster of talent. If d bry or kane were still on a mean streak one of them could have filled in but NO NO NO! I am the tag champions! Gimme a fucking break. Punk should bring back SES

  • StocktonJoe

    Hell in a cell is Oct. 28th – a week from next Sunday. The C. M.Punk “decision” angle is all about seeing if Cena will be good to go then. They probably have a good idea now. But if it’s still up in the air, look for some kind of stall. WWE REALLY wants Punk v. Cena. And what WWE wants, WWE gets.

  • Buttercastle

    He’s gunna choose Cena for either of two reasons. He’s gunna say he’s beaten him time and time again so this time won’t be any different, or they are gunna go a different route and he’s gunna pick him because he won’t be medically cleare for the match by then which means he will have an automatic win and won’t have to worry about fighting either of them.

  • the v

    Punk better choose ryback or i will not watch hiac