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Tonight’s WWE SmackDown, Post-Mania Update on The Undertaker, More

– As of now, The Undertaker isn’t scheduled for any SmackDown live events after WrestleMania 27.

– Matches for tonight’s WWE SmackDown include Edge vs. Drew McIntyre, CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston for the IC Champion, Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio, Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendes vs. Layla & Michelle McCool and R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger.

– Despite previous reports, WWE will indeed be taping SmackDown matches after this coming Monday’s RAW in Chicago.

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  • The Rock

    @yechiel, what you just said doesn’t even make any sense, jabroni!

  • jimbo jones

    Taker is and will always be a favorite of mine, but he’s very prone to injury now…especially since this last one. I just hope when he does finally hang his boots up , WWE gives him a great farewell but i do feel that no farewell will ever do his career justice. I hate to say it, but it is time for taker to hang his boots and retire. I just don’t want to see the man walking down the ring with his cane or walker to have a 2 minute match. He’s had literally a phenomenal career and he’s respected by all. I hope he doesnt do like Flair and wrestle til he dies. He just needs to go out on a high note and not let another injury take his career from him.

  • Me

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  • Bill

    @yechiel. So you think the Undertaker, Kurt Angle, & The Rock are washed up? I suppose Owen Hart is a jerk & Jeff Hardy is a saint to you, right? C’mon yechiel, don’t be jerk to everyone. It seems you don’t even like wrestling.


    classy israel, very classy

  • yechiel{israel}

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  • yechiel{israel}

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  • Rob

    Thumbs up @ sammo

  • Sammo

    I was hoping that after Wrestlemania, Undertaker could start his 87th feud with Kane.