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Tonight’s WWE Tapings, Was RAWactive Staged This Week?, More

– WWE has updated its iPad app with new features. The main addition allows fans to order WWE pay-per-view events and watch them on their iPad or iPad Mini.

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown, Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam tapings take place from the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina. Set for Main Event is Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro and confirmed for SmackDown is Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett. Advertised locally by the arena is Sheamus vs. Big Show and Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio.

– According to, this week’s WWE RAWactive poll was not rigged. Fans chose Antonio Cesaro’s United States Title to be put on the line instead of Kofi Kingston’s Intercontinental Title. According to the website, “#WWEUS” had 581 votes while “#WWEIC” had 222 votes.

  • Bob

    the whole raw interactive thing is staged….wwe just wants the audience/viewers actually have a say so in what is happening although they really dont cause wrestling is scripted after all….nice ploy though its probably fooling alot of the trailer park redneck rompers with 3 front teeth and 82 brain cells left

  • Beards

    It was staged, the numbers that are given here on the website and the numbers on the screen for percentages do not match up. The result was 83% and 17% which with the numbers on here it would be 73% and 27%. Somebody made a mistake hmmm.

  • nick

    they gave us like 2 minutes to vote..of course it was staged.