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Top Names Being Discussed For 2013 WWE Hall of Fame, Savage To Be Inducted?

Primary names being discussed for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on April 6 at Madison Square Garden are individuals with connections to the New York City area.

* Mick Foley, who hails from New York and was inspired to become a professional wrestler after watching “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka leap from the top of a steel cage in Madison Square Garden

* Kevin Nash, who defeated Bob Backlund in eight seconds at Madison Square Garden to win the WWF Championship.

* Bob Backlund, who declined an invitation to be enshrined in 2004 and headlined numerous events at Madison Square Garden in the 1970s and 1980s.

WWE officials have also discussed enshrining the late Randy Savage, although it is unknown as to whether his family, the Poffos, have been approached on the matter.

Triple H has taken a much greater role in coordinating the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and WrestleMania than he has in the past for the events. It was his decision to reach out to Bruno Sammartino in June and he personally handled site surveying for MetLife Stadium.


  • barry horowitz

    randy savage not being in the hall of fame is a crime and kind of makes the hall of fame look like a joke…koko fucking b. ware is in the hall of fame and savage isnt? come on! randy savage is one of the greatest of all time a total package wrestler, he was a great mic and even greater wrestler he was marketable and was even good past his prime unlike some other guys still try.

  • barry horowitz

    seriously?…nash? in the hall of fame? is that a joke or did big kev go crying to triple h because he isnt getting any attention?…what did the guy do really to warrant being in the hall of fame? being carried by shawn michaels? beating an over the hill bob backlund? or being carried by scott hall and hollywood in the NWO? or maybe for being WWF champion never drawing a penny and putting on some of the most boring matches ever during WWF’s most finacially abysmal period? I dont hate nash not by a long shot I even met him once and he was a nice guy and he did do some great stuff just nothing hall of fame worthy especially compared to randy savage, rick rude, jake roberts, the british bulldog,vader or mick foley.

  • Starship Pain

    Ultimate Warrior. Macho Man. British Bulldog. Owen Hart. Vader. They should get inducted.

  • Diesel

    I know it’s only speculation at this point, but they STILL haven’t inducted The British Bulldog. I like Nash & all, but Davey Boy Smith, Vader, Jake Roberts, Rick Rude, Randy Savage >>>>>>> Kevin Nash

  • Owen hart For hall of fame 2013

  • Ahmed Johnson

    Rick Rude in 2013

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    demolition should be there for sure!!!!

  • yofits

    Dude Love deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

    Summer of love in 1997 was the stepping stone of 1998’s attitude era.

    Dude Love/Mick Foley for HOF 2013!

  • D2K

    Put the Poffo family in the HOF and be done with it. Seriously. Make an ADULT decision for once WWE.

  • SYM’s momma

    tupacs a dead faggot lolz

  • greg

    what about tupac

  • iwearcenasunderwearonmyheadafterhewrestles

    who cares about macho man he hasnt wrestled in 20 years and has been dead for 2. hes a juiced up monkey with a stupid cathpharse that did nothing for the industry like cena did.

  • SYM