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Two Top Names Praise Dolph Ziggler, WWE Update on Alberto Del Rio’s Concussion

– Mick Foley wrote the following about Dolph Ziggler during RAW last night:

“Another excellent match involving @HeelZiggler . I think I detect some type of trend here”

Paul Heyman re-tweeted the comment and said that he agreed.

– As noted before, Alberto Del Rio suffered a serious concussion at last week’s SmackDown tapings when Sheamus slammed his head against the metal WWE logo on the stage.

In the storylines, WWE is blaming the concussion on one of the overhand chops from The Great Khali that was delivered in their singles match on Friday’s SmackDown.

  • rko

    Alberto Del Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrio!

    I love his aristocrat character.

  • TS93

    Oh yeah blame the concussion to the WHC contender on a jobber, that’ll REALLY keep his push going

  • Skip

    I, and it was me who made the comment, must have misplaced the part of my sense of humor that connects two otherwise completely detached pieces of information in a humorous way.

    Let me try one: “Really? SYM is on a date with a woman? Wooooooooow. SYM CAN’T EVEN SPELL YOU OR YOUR CORRECTLY O_O

    Is that how you do it?

  • SYM

    @Poko I see u misplaced ur sense of humor. U honestly took my “He Can’t EVEN SPEAK ANGLISH” comment literal.

  • Skip

    And I stole Poko’s name for a comment, I’ve switched it back now.

  • poko

    How does speaking English help someone deliver a concussion? You know they have concussions in other countries right?

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    The whole world is awaiting Del Rio to come back and get his revenge on Khali!

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    devil_rising is cool!!!!:)

  • Devil_Rising

    Well…………..maybe they shouldn’t be slamming guys heads into the fucking metal stage then? That’s pretty goddamn unsafe, and while it’s great for Ziggler to get a shot (even though he’s annoying), it really is unfair for Del Rio to get his PPV spot taken away because of something that could have easily been avoided. He may be a (real life) egotistical prick, but he’s a good wrestler, and supposed to be a top heel.

  • T-Will

    Who has ever had a concussion from KHALI’S chops?

  • Elizabeth

    Why don’t they just tell the real story.everyone knows anyway.

  • SYM

    Really? Great Khali gave him a concussion? Wooooooooow. GREAT KHALI CAN’T EVEN SPEAK ANGLISH O_O