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Top Star Not Scheduled to Wrestle at Bound For Glory, Backstage Update on TNA’s Future, More

– As noted, Kurt Angle will be returning for Bound For Glory weekend as he’s being inducted into TNA’s Hall of Fame. At this point, Angle will be returning just for the Hall and isn’t scheduled to wrestle.

– There is a feeling within TNA that the company will survive in some form, if only because Spike TV won’t want to lose it. The Carter family would more than likely want to sell the company and get at least something out of it instead of shutting it down completely.

The big questions right now revolve around 2014 – who will own it, if the current or new owners will give it a facelift, who will remain on the roster, where TV shows will be taped and if they will continue to do live events.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Solid

    the problem is hulk is hulk, he cant not be on tv, so there is no way that will happen, he’ll find a way to insert himself.

  • millerj265

    What facts do you need? obviously spike will want to keep a show that can get at least a million viewers every week on a day that anything else they put on in that timeslot would flop. And obviously the Carters would want to get something out of all these yrs they have invested in the company by at least selling it and making a little money off of TNA. as for who cares, well obviously you do sense you felt the need to read and comment on an article that according to you should be irrelevant to everyone.

  • millerj265

    Hulk brings name value and sponsorship interests. But other then that he should stay off tv and only be brought to media events to help secure sponsorships and help build TNA from the inside but do it quietly and not steal tv time from young potential stars.

  • Solid

    Bischoff isnt the problem, he brings certain things to the table unlike the Hulkster.

  • ddfindl

    I don’t think WWE would be interested

  • ddfindl

    Spoken like a true TNA fanboy

  • poko

    Who cares? I guess those of us who are wrestling fans.

  • CC

    The big questions for me at the moment are .. Where has this story come from? Why is the Wrestling Observer posting a story that seems to have no facts, just speculation? And most importantly, who cares anyway?

  • Greg

    Wwe wouldnt buy them out absolutly no reason too

  • Will Henderson

    i see them selling it off to Viacom so it can permanently stay on Spike. or maybe sell it to the WWE with WWE keeping it as a show separate from WWE and the PG rating and make it the really adult friendly show that WWE wouldn’t restrict the content like on Raw or SmackDown or Main Event or other WWE show.

  • Juicey

    I’d start watching again if there was new ownership and new writers

  • ddfindl

    I hope they do sell it, and whoever takes it over actually has product knowledge and doesn’t hire Hogan/Bischoff.