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Top Title Feud Discussed for Cody Rhodes, News on CM Punk’s Future and More

– Cody Rhodes indicated earlier this week on Twitter that he would be taking some time off. This is not the case as Cody will appear on this week’s WWE SmackDown to respond to Christian defeating him for the Intercontinental Title at Over the Limit. No word yet if Cody will take time off after the next pay-per-view.

News came out this weekend that over the past few months, WWE officials were discussing Cody for a potential feud against WWE Champion CM Punk.

This comes after we learned that officials almost put the WWE Title on Daniel Bryan at Over the Limit but that idea was nixed.

While one could assume that officials aren’t too sure of CM Punk as WWE Champion, sources indicate that WWE still has major plans for him through the rest of the year.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • CM Mark


    Bryan will have it soon. AJ wants her man back.

  • ant

    @Jon thats true there is but i expect Dolph Ziggler to win one of them this year and Barrett the other one if he returns but they could also push Cody Rhodes to win one of them or maybe Sin Cara but honestly if i was a creative writer i would give Drew Mcintyre one of the briefcases cuz he gets alot of shit from people but when has he ever really been showcased and pushed so we could see how far his character could go,NEVERRRR

  • Jimbo

    @CM Mark

    I agree. Right now might be the best time to put the title on Bryan. He is arguably the most over character in wrestling at this moment. Just ride the wave.

  • CM Mark

    They were happy enough as Punk with Champ when his merch was outselling everyone else. Now that Yes shirts are flying out of there I suspect that is the reason for the title change plans.

    Punk deserved everything he got, he definitely had a legitimate gripe and reason to want to leave before. The fact is Punk is over big time and he continues to stay over. He doesn’t really need the title anymore. Behind Cena, he is still the top guy they have.

  • Jimbo

    Oh, so now we’re supposed to see Rhodes as a legit main-eventer after jobbing to Big Slow and Santino? WWE’s booking is always so glorious.

  • SYM

    I fell @grizz is a Child because he said CM Punk sucks when Clearly he can beat the Shit out of Grizz’s hero, JOHN SHEENA -_-

  • JohnCena33


  • Tyler(:

    WWE’s worried that if they make Punk drop the title, he’ll pull another baby stunt and threaten to leave.

  • bc mitchell

    Perhaps when Cody tweeted time off he just meant the day off. Just because someone says time off doesn’t mean Undertaker style time off. One day for these guys probably seems like a week off to most of us considering how hard they push it

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    cody should feud with punk, win the wwe title and beat the shit out of it..bringing back the winged eagle belt in the process!!!!
    then he should team with ted dibiase again at the same time and win the tag belts, beat the shit outta them too and bring back the wwe tag titles from the 90’s
    oh yeah!!!

  • grizz

    The only reason Punk has held the title for 8 months is because WWE has let him. Punk SUCKS!!

  • Graham

    punk is better as a heel.problem is cena needs a heel turn, so who knows what should happen

    all i know is wwe is shit at the moment, d bryan, cody, ziggler, swagger only good parts and please push kidd

  • Jon

    If Barett comes back ant. Don’t know if his lawyers allow it. Plus are there two MITB matches?

  • Gorilla

    Rhodes vs Ziggler world title mania 29

  • ant

    and no people cody wont win mitb that spot has already been reserved for Wade Barrett when he returns

  • ant

    dang ive watched cody rhodes whole career and he really worked his ass off to be groomed as a top star with first teaming with hardcore holly to become world tag team champion then teaming up with ted dibiase and getting more world tag team titles then joining Randy Orton to be part of a hugely dominant stable known as “The Legacy”then breaking up with them and having the “Dashing gimmick feuding with a top star in Rey Mysterio and becoming “Phantom Of The Opera” Rhodes which was a good character then going on to become intercontinental champion for a long time and most recently a 2nd reign to now being considered for a main event spot man this guy is earning his spot and i like it

  • Bill

    Have Cody win MITB next month & challenge Punk to a match for the title at Summerslam(no suprise cash-in). Maybe have D. Bryan win it at NWO, then Punk wins it back in a rematch at MITB in time for SS.

  • Paton

    aren’t too sure about Punk as chanpion?

    has he not held it for 8 months now?

  • Prince albert

    i dont mind as long as the keep Punk as champion until summerslam.

  • Jon

    I think Cody is going to win MITB this year. Would make perfect sense to win that first and then cash it in. But Cody is long overdue for a push.

  • CC

    What does the article mean by “While one could assume that officials aren’t too sure of CM Punk as WWE Champion”?
    Just because they are considering other people for a title run means nothing about how the company feels about Punk.
    Are they trying to say that when someone loses the belt its because WWE has no faith in them? In that case, WWE has no faith in Cena, Orton, Undertaker & HHH as they have all lost the title in recent years.

  • SYM

    I want to see Rhodes have his own Faction then jump to the Top. And WWE should give the title to Bryan at No Way Out so the Punk vs Bryan fued will be fueled.

  • i ment time off for him holding a title

  • when he said time off he probally ment time of for him holding a title

  • scooter

    personally would rather see cody/sheamus as good as he is their is a chance a cody/punk feud wouldn’t draw as cody isn’t over enough with the casual fan a lot of that pressure would be taken off with a sheamus feud!

  • Man

    Its time for Cody to be involved in main event matches. He’s an extremely talented and good wrestler.