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Top WWE Star Told to Speed Up His Promo at RAW, Batista Cuts Off-Camera Promo, Austin

– Steve Austin is interviewing MMA star Daniel Cormier for his podcast today. They will be talking wrestling, MMA and the Royal Rumble.

– WWE tried to ensure Batista would be cheered at last night’s RAW in Omaha by having him cut a localized promo before he came out for the segment with Alberto Del Rio. The promo aired while RAW was on commercial. Batista talked about how he was a big fan of baseball and the College World Series, which is hosted in Omaha.

– Randy Orton was told to hurry through his promo and deliver it faster than usual at the beginning of last night’s RAW, likely to combat the CM Punk chants or any hijacking by the crowd.

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  • d_pooch

    Yeah, you could tell what Orton was doing (talking loud and fast, not pausing), and he did it effectively. Then when Trips and Steph came out and the chants started again, they did the same thing. It must have been hard for them not to even turn their heads and look at the crowd. They knew it was coming and they were smart about it. Can’t blame them.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Batista tried to get the Foley cheap pop?

  • JAckh45

    I agree, you could see both Orton and HHH rushing there lines compared to usual. And even tho I hate the guy, got to give it to Orton for not fucking up his lines under that preasure even tho he usually fucks up reguardless.
    You could also tell, giving Bryan a clean win over Orton was a way for creative to say “Lets give them something to cheer about, hopefully this will shut them up for a while” Even tho Kane came out.


    I noticed him sputtering. They PUNK chants started and almost had him, but he prevailed. Also they had that whole Dbry face of the company gimmick to keep the crowd chill. WWE was very “coy” with their production last night. I can’t wait until the fans on the east coast hijack the show again. That is real and is fun to watch.