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ToT [61] – First Time Champions: Reflections, and Predictions

by Amish Patel - March 30, 2011

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Hey, what’s up? Remember me? Probably not. I haven’t written a piece in God knows how long. Anyways, I’m Spartacus, and I’m a legend! In my opinion at least. I’ve decided to return to the world of column writing, because number 1, I’m missed you guys. For real, guys, nothing beats getting 50+ feedback e-mails to each column. It’s the thing I’ve missed the most during my hiatus. There’s really nothing better than seeing all of you guys responses and opinions on the topics! If you wish to send any thoughts, opinions, or just chat it up about wrestling feel free to do so at the following e-mail: SpartyFeedback@gmail.com

Let’s get this column started.  On with it!

The Crystal Ball

While I was out serving time in, erm, “prison”, I was going through some of my columns I had written in the past, specifically the one where I debuted this very format in.  In that very column, was my predictions on who I thought would become first time World Champions by the end of the year 2010.  To say the least I was 0-3.  At the time, though, I felt these choices were top notch.  Eh, they weren’t.

With my first choice, I choose Shad.  At the time it felt like a very good choice.  He had just broken up with JTG, and the Undertaker had been attacked, which I was certain was Shad’s doing.  Needless to say, he ended the year in the “Future Endeavors Club”.  Did I jinx him?  Probably.

The following choice, I felt was a rather intelligent choice, also.  It definitely wasn’t.  This particular fellow was on the rise.  He had just got the services of a rather HOT valet, and there were all sorts of rumors going around about him getting his very own stable.  This rumor, like most rumors, never came to fruition.  So, with that, Ted Dibiase never got his chance to shine as World Champion in 2010.  Instead he fell to the bottom of the card, and to my knowledge, has picked up jobbing duties.  Did I jinx him?  I’m thinkin’ so.

The final guy I chose to be a first time World Champion is one that a lot of the IWC would have picked to.  Despite this, he never got his chance.  Christian instead waned through the year, and wound up on the IR.  It’s a shame to, because as I remember, he was the lone wolf on the Fatal 4Way poster, before being replaced with I believe John Cena.  He also delivered a very good match with Edge on an episode of Raw, but as was the case with the other two aforementioned, he was unsuccessful.  Did I jinx him?  Hell yes I did!

So, in retrospect, it is clear that my predictions were fairly off. What am I to do now? It’s obvious, of course, I’m going to predict three more guys that I believe will be first time World Champions by year end.

The first of my choices is one that would have been a wise choice last year. He spent most of 2010 on the shelf with constant injuries. When he was healthy, though, he was always building up momentum. It didn’t matter because he would become a victim of TNA’s God awful booking in the latter part of the year. In 2011, though, he has steadily kept himself out of the way of injuries, and has been building up controversial steam while in a feud with Samoa Joe. That‘s right, by the time 2011 is over, The Pope will become a first time World Champion. Want me to justify this? Fine, I will. TNA has recently hit a bit of a crossroads. The main event scene has been hit and miss mostly, while rotating four names in contention for the main title. In a couple of months, though, this will all change, because D’Angelo Dinero will sweep in and win that World Championship.

The next guy I believe will win a title before the years out is Alberto Del Rio. I don’t, however, think that he will win it at WrestleMania. He’s primed up and on fire. The problem is he’s to young. You can’t risk rushing him to the title so early in his career. In order to prolong his career, I believe he will spend the summer further getting over, and come Survivor Series time, he will grasp it.

The final of my predictions may come off as a shocker. He’s currently in the best position of his 20 year career. Christian WILL become a first time World Champion by year end. In fact a Christian title run shouldn’t be that far off. Can you say heel turn? Just as Edge is in the final year or two of his career, so is Christian. It is to my understanding that Christian-Edge will be the 2011 version of 2010’s Undertaker-Kane.

So, there you have it, folks! You heard them here first. But, wait! Here’s where you guys come in. What do you guys think about these predictions? What are your thoughts on how my 2010 predictions fared? Who do you think will become a first time World Champion by years end? How much did you miss me? All these, and much more can be sent via e-mail to: SpartyFeedback@gmail.com.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to read this column. Let me know what you guys thought of it, and send in questions to me via e-mail, for a future mailbag edition of ToT. Don’t expect to see another one of these bad boys til around April 10th. But, until then, feel free to vote it out for the next Reader’s Choice, and donate your votes, and opinions to the second edition of Survey Says…

Until next time, it’s your favorite spartan, Spartacus, signing out!

FEEDBACK:        SpartyFeedback@gmail.com


Yep, I think you know what to do, vote, and see what topic gets chosen to be wrote on April 20th. VOTE!


Follow the above link. It will take you to the second edition of Survey Says… Go through and vote, then leave your opinions on each of the matters. After which you have done both, leave the nickname you want to be called when the finished product hits your screen!

  • Sammo

    “endorse” you that was supposed to say.

    And I do! Good call, dude.

  • Sammo

    I remember a couple of young wrestlers named The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar who were both rushed to champion status within a few months of debuting… And I think they had pretty sucessful WWE careers! (albeit a bit short in Lesnar’s case).

    I know he’s young in WWE fan’s eyes – but talent is talent! But hey, if Del Rio doesn’t win the title tonight I will fully ndore you.

  • Spartacus

    He said not so long ago in an interview that he was planning on retiring in the next 2 or so years.

  • corey

    why do you say edge is on his last leg? i know he is beat up but your the first one i’ve heard this from. i’m not saying its not true i just havn’t heard that from anyone so i was wondering why do you think he is about to retire?

  • Spartacus

    Corey, part of the reason I see Del Rio losing Sunday is because Edge is in the last leg of his career. Him retaining the belt and leaving WrestleMania as World Champ would be that last shining moment that he needs.

    Thanks for the read guys! Much Appreciated!!

  • corey

    i think that both of you have good points. del rio is very young to the wwe and if the wwe actually cared about the longevity of his career they would not of let him win the rumble and invested so much in building him up. the fact is there is not alot of heel maineventers right now and del rio seems to be the right person for the job. they tried to do the same with sheamus but for what ever reason they don’t think he is ready for it right now, but they must really believe in del rio to give him a main event at WM, and that is why i think he could win. depending on how he performs on sunday it could either sky rocket or kill his wwe career. in my personal opinion, i am very bored with del rio. its the same thing every week with him. he has the mexican ring announcer, the expensive car, the piro, the scarf, and 30 seconds before every match to tell you his name. yes he gets good heat which is the main thing he needs to do, but to me he is very predictable. in order to keep the fans attention he needs to change things up in the future. so if the wwe sees things the same way i do then they will not give him the belt until he proves he can get the fans interested in him in other ways. he doesn’t need to become a face, i would just like him to be a less predictable and more exciting.

  • Spartacus

    Sammo – No, I did my research. You seem to forget that Del Rio has only been on the roster for six months. That’s the experience that the WWE Fans see. 95% of the fans believe that Alberto started his career in August 2010. It’s not age, it’s that he’s young on the screen, if you catch my drift. Yeah, I noticed that. I blame it on writing rust. I haven’t written anything since before Alberto Del Rio debuted.

    Andy – Read the above ^

    No doubts he has some of the best heat in the businness today. Fact is six months is to short of a time to shove him straight to the main event. Sheamus is currently feeling the effects of being pushed so early in his TV career. It’s just not a healthy way to push the new talent.

  • Andy

    Alberto Del Rio is a VETERAN of the business, and one that has taken quite well to the WWE style of things since coming up from Mexico. Del Rio could wrestle circles around 95% of the current locker room, and will no doubt become World Heavyweight Champion on Sunday.

    And he doesn’t need to get over more – apart from the Miz and Michael Cole, he’s got some of the best heat in the business right now.

  • Sammo

    Alberto Del Rio is too young to be world champion?! Dude… I think you forgot to do your research. Del Rio has been a pro-wrestler for over 10 years and is the same age as John Cena and Sheamus – and at least 3 years older than both Randy Orton and Jack Swagger!

    (Also, it should be written as “TOO young” – schoolboy error.)

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