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ToT Presents: TDS [001] – Mailbag; Ask Sparty; FightLife Magazine

by Amish Patel - May 05, 2011

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Tales of Tyler [73] Presents: The Daily Spartan [001] – Mailbag; Ask Sparty; FighLife Magazine

Hey, guys! What’s goin’ on out there in ReaderLand? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m really pissed off at Vince McMahon for the MAJOR SMACKDOWN SPOILER. I’m not exactly at liberty to discuss this topic, though, in today’s column, but I promise ya, that it’ll be discussed to a lengthy value later on in the week. But first, I got some news to say.


Yeah, I may be giving away my best work for a price in the…


But, I promise to bring you a different view of dailies, and trust me; we’ll have quite the joy ride ;-). Anyways, that’s far too much jabbering on my part. It’s time to get some column writing business done. Today’s column, as you could probably see in the title, is going to be mailbag. Recently, I asked 10 of my most faithful readers to contribute to questions to yours truly. They all complied, and so here today, we’re going to discuss five off their questions! Less git ‘er dun!

Sparty, you’ve been pretty critical of John Morrison in the past. Last night he put on a good match, and I just want to know your thoughts on him currently and where he stands going forward. – Jason R.

Well, Jason, as you seen in my Extreme Rules predictions, I thought JoMo was going to win the WWE Championship. As you seen while watching the PPV, JoMo came out of that match looking VERY good. He was within inches of getting the title, only for R-Truth to come and further their program. I’m not saying that a Truth-Morrison program isn’t a good thing, because it is. I just wish he would’ve got that belt. Especially considering SupahCena won it, in the end. I believe that Morrison has to be in good standing going forward. He has that playmaker ability. He can put on a show when it’s needed out of him, much like Shawn Michaels was capable of. That’s why I still to this day believe he’ll be a big player in the years to come. Probably not now, but as long as he stays healthy, there’s no doubt he’ll be the Jeff Hardy of the next generation. The PG era couldn’t come to an end quick enough for him.

Ever since you returned to writing, you’ve done little to no mention of TNA. Why is that, and what are your honest thoughts on TNA? – Benjamin

I guess that reason would be that I just don’t watch TNA as I use to. You’re right, though, the only mention of something TNA in any of my columns since my return would be the first one, when I predicted that Pope would be a first time champion by year’s end. A prediction I’m starting to regret now seeing the way their booking him. Anyways, the most the last episode I saw was the one two weeks after the Jeff Hardy-Victory Road incident. Either I’ve found myself out doing something, or when I’m free to view it, I’ll normally choose Man vs. Wild instead. I was going to do a column over their last PPV, a preview of sorts, but the time came and then the time went. Nothing happened. I pledge to give my time to TNA going forward, though, especially since I’ll need material for daily columns! I might do a Running Diary of next week’s episode. Who knows…

Question 3:
Spartacus, what are your thoughts on Alberto del Rio? Why do you feel that he’s too young to be a World Champion in the WWE? – Ronnie S.

Ronnie, thanks for asking such a misconceived notion about me. I do not feel that Alberto is too YOUNG to win a World Championship. I feel he is to EARLY into his WWE run to be given the title. I don’t care how over he is. World Championship reigns for superstars so early in their career does NOT have a good track record. Look at Brock Lesnar, sure he was pushed to the moon, and if he had stayed with the WWE, he would be one of the biggest stars today. Fact is he did not. The reason, I believe, is that he got burnt out and bored with wrestling. When you spend your entire career trying to achieve something you don’t just leave it and then try to go for something different.  When you spend a year in the company and then get what you had always dreamed of, it gets old, and you want to go off and achieve that same success in another avenue. Quite frankly, Vince spoiled Brock Lesnar, and that’s the core reason why he’s no longer a superstar. Sheamus could be the next guy to follow in that trend, but I think Vince is doing the right thing by putting him back in the mid card, and making him get himself over and climb that ladder alone without the skills of the creative team. See, that is just what I do not want to see happen to Alberto. He has great potential to be a wonderful star one day. In 2-3 years, though. If they book him right over the next 10 months, then it might be about time to put the belt on him before he completely loses his heat, but not now. Make him earn it, Vince! Don’t let him play the backstage cards.

Alright, that’s it for Mailbag tonight. I’d feature a few more, but the majority of the remaining are SPOILERS, or wouldn’t feel right answered at this moment. I’ll be back sometime Friday, with Day 2, guys! Until then give me your thoughts on each of these stories either in the comments section, or via e-mail. Also, feel free to ask away questions, ONLY via e-mail. Until then…

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