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Total Divas Preview Clip with Nikki Bella, Kaitlyn Comments on Survivor Series Team, More

– Courtesy of, here is a clip from Sunday’s episode of WWE Total Divas where Nikki Bella talks to her sister Brie about the co-habitation agreement John Cena asked her to sign:

– Chili of TLC fame and R&B singer Monica were in attendance for last night’s WWE TV tapings in Atlanta. MLB stars Zack Wheeler and Josh Reddick were also in attendance, sitting together at ringside.

– A fan on Twitter asked Kaitlyn if she thought she was on the wrong team at Survivor Series. Kaitlyn replied:

“Actually, I don’t care for either team… #spear”

  • millerj265

    Yes because fearing that someone might take all that you have worked for and earned threw divorce is such a farfetched worry that nvr happens to anyone these days. Grow up the bellas don’t exactly come off as women who wouldn’t be above divorcing someone just to get half of what they own.

  • JohnCena33

    Why is that? He wants to protect his money and house, the things he earned, from her. If he marries her and gets divorced (as he already did) he doesn’t want to lose the money he earned. I see nothing wrong in this. Cena was heartbroken from marriage and doesn’t want to go through with it again and be scammed.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Cena’s a dick!