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Tough Enough Contestant Debuts at FCW, JR Comments on RAW, Vickie Guerrero

– Vickie Guerrero noted on Twitter that she has a new “Excuse Me” t-shirt coming out soon for men and women.

– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter about last night’s RAW: “That was one of the best Monday Night Raw’s in years. Amazing mic work, gr8 ending, bodacious build 4 Sun’s PPV. Bravo. 1 irony of the strong attitudinal Raw w/ edgy elements, reality feel was that its still rated PG. Good PG works.”

– Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Ariane Andrew made her FCW debut at the July 7th live event as a ring announcer. The next night, she competed in a battle royal with the other FCW Divas. Ariane was the first person eliminated on the recent season of Tough Enough and is known for telling Steve Austin that her favorite match was Melina vs. Alicia Fox. She said on Twitter back in April that she was going to FCW despite being eliminated on the show.

  • venom

    Vickie’s t-shirt should have a roll of toliet paper and say “excuse me!”

  • Soulshroude

    Odd. Since when does JR use that kind of lingo?

  • Ryan

    says balls, kicking in the nuts, son of a bitch, and ass is not PG

  • Oh damn. they brought her into FCW even though she didn`t win TE?!
    Thats exactly like winning the TE contract!!
    If she be good she`ll arrive WWE, I wish her good luck, but, it kinda destroy the 1 winner.

  • John Cheesa

    I think WWE should give the wrestlers a little more input into the direction of their storylines, but I’m not sure that will happen anytime soon. Also, it’s bogus that Ariane Andrews is going to FCW–Little Miss “Melina vs. Alicia Fox”. She’s not even that sexy, and is a disgrace to wrestling. Again, it just proves that, more than anything, talent doesn’t matter in today’s world like it used to.

  • CC

    Despite how hard to read these twatter posts are, JR actually brings up something I have been saying for ages. The PG rating is not whats hurting the shows, as I have always maintained that there are plenty of PG rated shows and films that are great viewing. Whats hurting the shows is that they are not writing decent material and would probably be no different if the shows were 18 rated either.
    WWE is playing things too safe, and creative is shit … thats whats hurting WWE.

  • Rucdogg

    Sammo, its twitter, you only get so many characters to use so everything must be shortened.

  • Sammo

    I’m sure JR never used to type like a teenage girl. What happened to him? Another stroke?

  • scooter

    so some stupid bitch with no clue about wrestling is good enough for FCW but Matt cross Luke and Martin aren’t CM Punk won’t be happy….