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Tough Enough’s Jeremiah Riggs Rips Bill DeMott, WWE Developmental, More

– Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Jeremiah Riggs spoke with MMA website about his time with WWE and recent experience. He gave them a long statement but here is some of it:

“I was informed yesterday that the WWE isn’t going to use me. Two weeks ago I was invited to go to Tampa to tryout for FCW and from what they gathered they loved my personality but they said I was only average in the ring and said I have a bad attitude and carried myself like I had something to prove.

I told them that if I’m average I’m doing pretty damn good considering I had only done this for two months. If I can get to average in several weeks imagine what I can do in a few months. And of course I’m eager to prove myself. I was surrounded by guys who had done this for several years and they were all wondering who this new rookie was. I had to show them I belonged.”

“What do they want in a superstar? I don’t need a character. I’m Jeremiah Riggs. I don’t need a new name or gimmick. The WWE has a shitty developmental roster. No one stands out. They are all scared of failure and half of them have been there for years. They are all the same and do the same stuff. Sure, they have a few guys that have potential but they are all clones. But I’m not going to be just like everybody else. What are they going to do send me home? You can’t scare someone who ain’t afraid.”

“Me and Bill were cool on the show. I heard he got a job as a scout for the WWE and I was glad to hear he was doing good for himself. He deserves it after so long in the business. When I was in Tampa doing my match with Orlov, Bill was praising me and talking about how good I was doing.

I was doing stuff that Luke and Andy couldn’t do, on the first try. But when I walked into FCW a few weeks ago he acted like he was too cool to talk to me. He’s changed man. He thinks he is somebody because he was the big man on the show. I guess Hollywood went to his head. Sure he had a mediocre wrestling career and found new life on Tough Enough. I don’t give a shit. I’ll whoop his fat ass.”

  • Marky Mark


    Stupid dumb ass mark. Riggs would beat the fuck out of DeMott. Being tough in wrestling is almost 100% different then being tough in shoot fighting. You wouldn’t think so. DeMott is an old fuck, and would get knocked the fuck out easily.

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    haha riggs in one tough sonbitch he was my fav in TE, i really hope he can continue wrestling, he has alot of potential n hes being average after to months! damn hope he continues

  • Camille

    Riggs is a legitimate badass. He’s actually fought in MMA contests and won. Bill DeMott hasn’t done shit. It’s funny reading how the tough guys in “pro wrestling” act toward someone who could rip them apart.

  • Will Henderson

    over/under until TNA signs him and sends him to train at Team 3D academy with the Dudleys.

  • Greatness


    You do realize Riggs has an MMA background, he would probably beat up DeMott pretty easily.

  • blue4everd

    @CC yes but to a certain point…

  • CC

    “and carried myself like I had something to prove. ”
    Isnt that what WWE should want from a potential superstar?
    Not someone who thinks he is the shit, but someone who wants to prove they have what it takes.

  • venom

    Riggs comments were funny about DeMott. At least Riggs comments weren’t as bad as Luke.

  • King

    LMAO!!! i would love to see u try let alone say that to his face jeremiah…he would kick ur ass allover FCW or anywhere for that matter…he would knock the rest of ur teeth out u ugly ass hillbilly fuck…bill demott would KILL U dude…thats why u arent there because u are a punk ass son of a bitch that has no respect for the business & have no talent…go back to fucking ur farm animals asshole