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Trailer for WWE’s Best of RAW DVD, WWE Signs Rikishi’s Son

Partial source: F4Wonline

– Below is the trailer for WWE’s Best of RAW 2009 DVD which comes out on January 26th, 2010:

– WWE has signed Josh Fatu, the son of former WWE Superstar Rikishi. He made his FCW debut last week.

  • Dramon

    Well that just summed it up for me.

  • Devil_Rising

    As a matter of fact, I just looked it up for hell of it, and I was right, Afa Jr. has been wrestling since 1998, from the age of 14, and he’s only 25 now. Randy didn’t start even training until 2000, and he’s 29 now. So yeah, Afa IS a veteran of this business, more so than Randy, and thus he had every right to act like he’s a veteran, considering the fact that when he started wrestling for WWE, he’d already been wrestling for nearly a decade (9 years). Like I said, Randy needs just learn to shut his mouth.

  • Devil_Rising

    Actually, I heard that HHH and Orton just personally didn’t really like Afa Jr, not that he really had a “bad attitude”. And for Orton to say that Afa “Acted like he was already a veteran”, well, he SHOULD, considering he’s been wrestling easily as long as Randy has. Randy needs to learn to shut his mouth, just because he was hand picked by HHH to be a star. Same with Batista, acting like young wrestlers “don’t know the business”, or that they don’t try hard enough. Again, what would HE know, he’s just a jacked up body builder who, again, was hand picked by HHH to be a star.

    Afa, Rosey, Sim Snuka, Rikishi, Umaga, hell, THE ROCK, those guys come from a prestigious and honored wrestling family that spanns back generations. I know Orton’s family has been in wrestling for 3 generations too, but no offense, what has “Big O” or “Cowboy Bob” ever REALLY accomplished? For him to act like he’s hot s**t because he’s a big star, when you’re talking about Afa Jr., a VERY talented kid who comes from a family that includes the great High Chief Peter Maivia, a man who is pretty much soley responsible for Samoan wrestlers and football players making it big in the U.S. You’re talking about The Wild Samoans, one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history. You’re talking about many great tag team champions, like Rocky Johnson, Haku, The Tonga Kid, The Headshrinkers (Rikishi Fatu and Samu), and Rosey. You’re talking about Umaga, a former IC champ and major star. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, one of the biggest names in the business. And not the least of which, Yokozuna and The Rock, both of whom were enormous stars and legends in their time, and both of whom were the youngest WWF Champions in history at the times they first won the belt.

    What have the Orton’s done again? Granted, I really respect Randy now, and HE personally has become a huge and successful star. I don’t dislike him at all. But he still needs to shut his mouth, and recognize that he is where he is, mostly because of HHH. There are many, MANY wrestlers that have come and gone in WWF/E that were just as if not more talented than Orton, who never got pushed, because guys like HHH and HBK “didn’t think they were star material”. You hear it all the damned time.

    I sincerely hope Afa Jr. gets a second chance in WWE, because he’s a great talent. I wish they’d bring Rosey and him back, and form the “Sons of Samoa” tag team gimmick. It would be awesome. And Sim Snuka never was said to have a “bad attitude”, it was just another BS situation where “creative didn’t have anything for him”, so they let him go. Which makes me wonder, now that WWE has sigend Sanora Snuka, Jimmy’s daughter, to a contract, if they ever even bring her up, are they actually going to bother doing anything with her, or will they just waste and eventually release her too?

  • Joe

    from previous reports about Afa Jr and Snuka Jr, they both had bad attitudes around the locker room. If Josh goes in and does his best to learn more than he already knows and is humble to the other wrestlers. If he does those simple things then he’ll be just fine.

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s too bad his brother Eddie is dead. Umaga was bad ass.

    Hopefully his son Josh gets better treatment than Afa Jr. and Jimmy Snuka Jr. did.

    Also, they really should bring back Rosey (Sika’s son).

  • TeeJay

    now that I’ve seen that, I don’t need to buy the dvd, summed it up right htere

  • Mordecai

    would rather see a wwe raw dvd about the attitude era than this 🙁

  • edgehead15


  • Billy Mays

    remember Rikishi was in TNA for like 2 weeks last year lol

  • Joe

    yeah have no interest in the best of Raw… not impressed enough to spend my money on it

  • baddog_1_2k

    I actually like Rikishi I wish they had kept him