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Triple H Advertised for Monday’s Raw, Change to Raw in Mexico, Benoit Note

– As of June 18th, WWE Raw in Mexico has been airing live on Channel 5. Previously Raw would air on a two-hour taped delay and was also edited down to 90 minutes.

– This weekend is the fifth anniversary of the Chris Benoit killings, easily the worst thing ever involving pro wrestling.

– Local advertisements are listing Triple H on tomorrow night’s WWE Raw Supershow from the Allen Country War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, IN.

  • moo

    it would be freaking weird and awkward for Benoit to be in hall of fame, I mean what are the gonna do have someone like Jericho or Malenko induct him and say “look I know he strangled his wife , killed his son, and then committed suicide but godamn he could do a lot of german suplexes!, not to mention he did a headbutt from a freaking cage!…yeh”

  • I’ve been in the danger zone

    @ Maxwell, more like “road the coattails of the guys who defined the attitude era.” don’t credit a man who used politics to get his top spot, and still hogs it to this day. (even though now he wrestles twice a year.) He is not even in the same league as Austin, rock, hbk, undertaker……

  • Ben for HOF

    Chris Benoit should be in the Hall of Fame.

    Vince is a racist because he won’t let a canadian in.

  • black sincarsa

    he should,nd go intoi hall of fame it would be a bad publccy for wwe

  • Robinson

    @Maxwell I have to disagree, his best fueds were with Kurt angle

  • chronoxiong

    RIP to the “Man who no longer exists.”

  • CC

    Regardless of what Benoit did in his career, he will never be inducted into the HOF as it would be seen by many in the media as supporting a murderer.
    Sadly though, nobody even mentions the love that convicted rapist Tyson gets from the media in general. Granted what Benoit did was worse, but how do people turn a blind eye to Tysons past crimes (ditto for Roman Polanski who was even worse as he ran away to not serve his punishment, yet still gets loved in Hollywood).

  • The Awesome One

    king albert stfu benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers ever

  • jeff

    Going to raw tmw!!! Il be right behind Cole n Jerry

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    If Vince wasn’t in charge or around anymore, there’s still no way Benoit is being inducted in the HoF. He had a HoF career, but only some wrestling fans will still like Benoit for his career. It’s not just Vince there’s no way he will ever be in the HoF, I doubt Benoit’s remaining family would even agree to induct him into the HoF.

    Lets hope guys like Randy Savage, Brunno Sammartino, and Owen Hart make it into the HoF instead.

  • Maxwell

    For those of you saying that Chris Benoit should be in the HOF, as much as I would hate to say it, but it won’t happen. It will not happen for as long as Vince is alive. Vince stated that it is okay to use him in history manners, but its another thing to advertise the man. Putting him in the HOF is advertising him basically, so it will not happen for sure. Maybe once Vince gives everything over to HHH, and dies, there is a small chance Chris might be inducted if HHH okays it. The only reason I say that is because one of Benoit’s most known and best feuds was with HHH. Like I said, while Vince is in charge and alive, it’s not happening. Who knows maybe HHH already has plans to induct names into the HOF he can’t mention because Vince would take the company out of his hands within seconds if he ever found out. I bet HHH has more than a few plans he can’t start until Vince is gone, such as getting rid of this PG shit, because we all know we hate it, and so does a guy that defined attuide era. We can only wait and see I guess.

  • Jeff

    Easily the worst thing ever involving pro wrestling? What about Arquette winning the world title

  • King Albert

    the awesome one needs a bullet in his head.

  • Maggotism

    “- This weekend is the fifth anniversary of the Chris Benoit killings, easily the worst thing ever involving pro wrestling.”

    I dunno, remember the Shockmaster!?

  • voice of reason

    the man should have a mention & not be treated as the wwe’s dirty little secret now yes i agree that his last few days were just plain terrible but to strike the man from every record is just wrong.

  • voice of reason

    i also want to see the movie to see how they treat chris benoit on the big screen.

  • The Awesome One

    R.I.P Chris Benoit he should be hall of fame

  • SYM

    I really want to see that Beniot Movie just to see how it all plays out.