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Triple H Booked for RAW/SmackDown Tapings, Punk vs. Cena Update, Mysterio & Del Rio

– At Friday night’s WWE live event in Peoria, IL, CM Punk wrestled John Cena until Alberto Del Rio interfered, used his briefcase, and caused the double DQ. Del Rio went to cash in but before the match started, he caught an Attitude Adjustment from Cena and a GTS from Punk. The show ended with Punk and Cena staring each other down with their belts.

– Triple H is booked for all upcoming RAW and SmackDown TV tapings in hsi new role as “WWE COO.”

– Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio are scheduled for WWE’s upcoming RAW and SmackDown tapings in California going into the SummerSlam pay-per-view.


  • knightcon

    Vince is the president and chairman. Linda is the CEO. And hhh is the COO on tv because of the FCC and the investors thinking its real.

  • venom

    I don’t care what HHH’s title is. He is doing good so far, and Raw feels fresh with him taking over.

  • Jake

    I just got back from the Rockford House Show tonight:

    Punk and Cena battled until The Miz and R-Truth interfered and started beating down on the champs until both John Cena and CM Punk landed their finishers.

    They both took turns afterwards raising their belts to mixed applause.

  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    Wonder why Hunter is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) when Vince was the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer (CEO). Wasn’t he replacing Vince according to the storyline?

  • JIR

    his not hsi run a spell check buddy

  • Alex

    Chief operating officer

  • Camille

    WWE COO huh thats coo’