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Triple H Comments On Monday’s Raw, “Solidarity Rally” To Be Held Before Show

In light of news that WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H has vowed to not step down from running the Raw Supershow, Christian has spearheaded an effort by various Superstars, Divas, referees, announcers and crew members to travel to Oklahoma City on Monday and stage a “Solidarity Rally” in the backstage parking lot of the Chesapeake Energy Arena prior to the show. The contingent, which consists of those who walked out on Triple H this past Monday night, tell that they will not return to the Raw Supershow or step into the venue to perform until Triple H relinquishes control.

Triple H stated earlier in a video interview that John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show will headline Monday night’s telecast.

“Beyond that, I might not have referees, I might not have announcers, I might not have cameramans. Quite frankly, I don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said. “We’ll see what we come up with on Monday. Hell, they might all show up and I won’t let anyone back in.”

  • Christina

    If the WWE superstars that have championships don’t show up on the Raw Suprshow to wrestle, I say strip them of the titles and suspend them

  • #1 fan

    lol camera mans i am a long time fan of wwwf,wwf, wwe i’ve grown up watching it with my father as to whom also worked shows when they came to town i met alot of wrestlers this way like andre the giant and chief jay strongbow as well as randy orton and many many more.
    the show has many talents that should be put on notice (no work no pay) the contracts if broken by the talents are breached and wwe could replace them the show must go on even if there has to be a major talent change the old talent becomes fans unpaid the new talent move on and make the money wich would be really cool cause there will be new champions and new talent even including refs,ring announcers,commintators,camera men boy if i had that job it would be a real super show

  • venom

    This should be interesting.

  • JIR

    they did as a dark segment at the end of the show Ryder took his camera out and got a pedigree out of it

  • phoenix

    They blew there chance to really put over Zack Ryder. I know it’s cheesy but they should have done like a Jerry Maguire story line where Zack Ryder was the only one that “believed” in HHH and went to the ring with HHH and shook hands as the lights went out.

  • VelveetaAnnie

    Maybe they’ll bring in ROH guys to wrestle.

  • edo.risk

    Its laim, and dum, and stupid. The faces look winny beaches, the heels look ok.

    Whats the unsafe envoirment exacly??? can someone please explain it to me…???

    Im basikly skiping it. But hope this gains some sence rapidly…

  • Stevie P

    Is it me or are they trying to put HHH over with this storyline? I don’t get it, they’re not pushing anyone if he’s supposed to be a “good guy”. Honestly I don’t see it that way. I see HHH as a heel because he’s become a douchebag. TBH though this storyline is confusing and full of holes but I’ll still watch.

  • adam

    Ya there are alot of holes in this story. But i could see triple H coming out with the few people who are on his side and kind of threatining everyone else to come out. Then hopefully eventually since im hoping there is somehow a Raw gm. Either the lil podium dings again which it hasnt for a while and im kind of suprised of. Then the mystery GM says that triple H doesnt run raw he does blah blah blah. Then they try to rebuild up the mystery gm for the next few weeks then right before or after survivor series its revelaed that foley has been the gm all along.

  • simon07

    Theres an easy way out of all of the missing people.

    Zack Rider said he had changed his mind about walking out, so he could be the cameraman, CM Punk has done commentary in the last few months so he could do commentary, and people like John Cena have been referees in the past, so he could be the referee.

    In all seriousness though, the solidarity rally could make Monday very interesting…

  • LVW

    They kind of plugged that hole with putting Teddy Long “running” Smackdown in his “absence”

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    The one HUGE hole which others have pointed out, they walked off RAW because HHH is in charge and made it an unsafe workplace when he is COO he runs and controls both RAW and Smackdown…

  • Camille

    Lol, “cameramans”.

  • Clench

    They kind of back themselves into a corner with this storyline. There’s so many holes in it but it’ll be interesting to see where they take it

  • IronCrossHH

    He shouldn’t let them back in, all wrestlers do is piss and moan now, its pathetic, Man up and Grow some balls, i seriously think someone like Booker t or Scott steiner could knock the fuck out of the entire pussy locker room.

    Man up or fuck of home and get fat!