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Triple H Comments on Returning to the Ring, WWE’s Tape Library, Maryse, Kofi

– Kofi Kingston will be appearing at the Maverick Store in Salt Lake City, Utah today at 2pm.

– WWE Diva Maryse will also be at this weekend’s Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. As noted before, The Miz and John Cena will be presenting awards while The Rock is nominated.

– WWE currently has 100,000 hours of footage for their tape library, which will be a big part of the new cable network. 30,000 hours of those 100,000 hours have been digitized for the network and 25% of the digitized footage is in HD.

– WWE’s website has put up a Triple H video interview to go along with the CM Punk and John Cena interviews from earlier this week. Regarding returning to the ring, Triple H said:

“Never say never in WWE. I don’t know. If I put myself in the seats of the WWE Universe and the right guy comes along at the right time and it’s the right challenge, would I want to see it? I think there’s your answer.”

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    “Never say never” meaning “My ego is just too big to keep out of the spotlight”.

  • Sammo

    Is there really any doubt whatsoever that HHH will return to the ring?! Predicting that he’ll wrestle again is like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow.

  • me

    first of all, it’s spelled hypocrite, you dumb retarded little redneck cock sucking faggot.

    secondly, i have every idea what i’m talking about because unlike you i use my eyes to see who is good and who isn’t, triple h is shit, you like him because wwe want you to like him, because you’re a puppet, they pull the strings you dance, now go back to lollygagging on cena and hhh’s dick fag.


    @ me why would u say something that makes no sense at all u have no idea what your talking about and you my friend r a hypacrit

  • me

    i disagree with you all, hhh is old over rated and an egomaniac who should STAY retired or whatever the hell he thinks he is.

  • Destiny

    Fully agree with the other two posts; HHH vs Punk would be a good feud.

  • venom

    Punk vs HHH would be better than Taker vs HHH at Mania 28.

  • Mabry

    HHH vs Punk, i wanna see that!!!…….