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Triple H: ‘Main roster talent going to NXT could be game changer’

For the past several years, NXT has served as WWE’s developmental brand where superstars would start their careers before being called up to join the main roster on Raw or Smackdown Live. However, during a recent conference call with media about the upcoming NXT TakeOver: WarGames II event this weekend, the man who runs NXT, Triple H, said he hopes this won’t always be the case.

“I think you can be at a place where you can see main level talent stay in NXT,” Triple H stated. “We are also at the point where you can see some talent that have been on Raw and SmackDown for periods of time, who have had some success or haven’t for whatever reason, who aren’t being utilized, go back to NXT. A talent who doesn’t get a lot of exposure on SmackDown and moves to Raw, it could be a game-changer for them, and all of a sudden they can do something different. I do think it (NXT) is a third brand.”

Although there have been main roster superstars that have made their way back to NXT recently, it’s been a one-time occurrence. Also, with the addition of NXT UK, Trips believes there’s even more room for expansion within WWE.

“I also think with NXT in the U.K., as we move forward, there is an opportunity to work within the system, work in different levels,” Triple H continued. “We’re clearly there now.”

NXT TakeOver: WarGames II takes place Saturday night on the WWE Network with the Kickoff Show starting at 6 p.m. ET.

  • CC

    Yes there have been one shot deals recently (and since the start of the promotion really), there have also been main roster talent who have gone from the main roster to NXT.
    Zack Ryder went there to tag team with Rawley and Sin Cara to tag team with Kalisto.

    I think both still maintained a presence on the main roster (Ryder defo did), it was on NXT that they were actually gaining their most exposure.
    Although they did not move from main roster to NXT, you also have ex-main roster guys being brought back to the company and put in NXT. McIntyre being the most obvious, but you also have people like Rhyno, Brian Kendrick and Mickie James who all returned to the company via NXT.