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– Big Show won a battle royal at the Fan Appreciation event in Hartford, Connecticut yesterday to earn a WWE Intercontinental Title shot later in the show against Dolph Ziggler. Show lost the match by count out and later wrote the following on Twitter: “Great show in hartford! I had a blast! I haven’t won the ic title have I? HMMM :) sounds like a goal in the making!”

– Triple H made his WWE return at the Fan Appreciation event in Hartford. Alberto Del Rio was in the ring cutting a promo on Rey Mysterio not being there when Triple H came out for a match. Triple H won with a Pedigree and then hit Del Rio’s announcer with one.

He later led the WWE roster to the ring during the World Heavyweight Title match between Kane and John Cena, who made a surprise appearance. Nexus had came to attack Cena before Triple H, Randy Orton and other stars made the save. Triple H ended up hitting a Pedigree on Sheamus.

  • RDP

    They have to do just about anything to hold on to ratings. Like the shameless skit with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Vince that was on tonight. At least TNA prides itself in putting out a wrestling product, that actually shows wrestling. The tables are turning.

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com/wwe-news/triple-h-makes-his-wwe-return-against-a-smackdown-star-big-show-news.html#reply angela

    i hope HHH kicks nexus’s ass and im glad HHH is back

  • idontknow2

    @juany it’s for the fan, they have to make the face win over the heel so kids can go home happily while their parents vote for the democrat dude (can’t remember the sucker’s name).

  • Juany

    trips return out of shape and squash smackdown┬┤s shining heel??
    why he always have to be over the ones with the momentum??
    what an ego-jerk

  • nobody

    Yeah he looked smaller and a bit outta shape. Given his attire that night I’d say he knows it too

  • Sam

    Im pretty sure that Triple H has lost some muscle mass ?????

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