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Triple H on if NXT could leave the Network

It’s been speculated that NXT could be making its way to television since news of WWE’s TV deals began. NBC Universal already teased the waters, airing NXT back in December.

It was also rumored that NXT could be moving to Fox along with Smackdown Live for their new TV deal. However, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. That being said, Triple H addressed the possibility of NXT finding a new home.

PWInsider asked Triple H during Monday’s media call if NXT would indeed be moving to TV, whether that be on Fox or the USA Network. Triple H replied with a traditional wrestling quote; never say never.

As far as where NXT ends up, as that brand continues to grow, never say never. For the value of the Network, NXT is a valuable part of the WWE Network. Where it ends up, I don’t know. Obviously, that’s a decision that Vince [McMahon] will make and the team here will make strategically as to where everything sits, just as we do everything else in our ecosystem, as far as where we put content. It’s a constantly challenging question for us. Good problem to have, right?

The important question is, could NXT thrive on TV? During its TV debut, the brand brought in over 840,000 viewers. However, considering what Smackdown and Raw do each week, those are weak numbers.

Could the developmental brand make it on TV, or should they stick with the WWE Network and continue to help build it as a worthwhile service?


  • CC

    You don’t compare its viewing figures to SD and Raw, that’s just ridiculous.
    What you compare it to is the likes if Impact or RoH, which is the market it is realistically aimed at.

    If NXT was getting viewing figures like the two main roster shows, it would not longer be considered the developmental brand. And no talent could “move up” to the main roster if you are moving to a show with the same viewing figures.