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  • The next moment thorns family fun and interesting things, we can go swimming together and have the experience together. Family and wonderful things.

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  • Christina Mann

    amazing picture, of both Stephanie. and Triple H., and their new little girl. i always said, that if they ended up together in real-life, and got married, that they would have beautiful children. congrads, to them.i wish the beautiful family, the best in the future.

  • Nick, you need to lay off the juice. Easy man.

  • IAmHe

    last comment was to you yup u

  • IAmHe

    funny how peopple who buy 3 tickets to the lord of the rings or the last harry potter have a problem with wwe not being tottaly unscripted ….what what thats a good thing now we know who cant pick up thier own body weight

  • adam

    So he got out of the coma for a pool party?

  • Jason A.

    Very cute picture, genuine love for their Family. Grandpa Vince looks like a grandpa in this picture, simple, happy. Not a tyrannt with the WWE. Feel the vibe that he loves his grandchild very much.

  • let’s all do it together

  • Jamal Byrd

    I thought Vince was in a coma, lol.

  • Missy

    Just a head’s up…the kid they’re holding is not one of their daughters. It is the guy that took the picture’s son.

  • Kim

    Awww, sweet picture. They look so happy. Is that the baby they just had? She is cute. Looks like Stephanie. Is it just me or does Vince look like he went crazy years ago? I thought he just looked that way on tv but he has the same look in this pic, lol.

  • oxslangshoot

    paul is lucky, i’m envious

  • Nick

    Jeff Miles
    Date: Jan 16, 2011 at 8:05 PM
    They look so cute at a simple family gatheringā€¦ acting, just real loveā€¦.thanks for this!

    What a turd! thanks for what showing some dude and his family siting by a pool and how do you know they arent acting is that even there kid dont they have two plus there is a ref and vince in there but i get so lost in the realism of the wwe that i forget that wrestling isnt real and there realy was never an IRS Agent kickin butt as a side job or that John Cena really was a rapper and a Marine. LOOK OVER THERE THERES A HURICANE COMING!

  • Jeff Miles

    They look so cute at a simple family gathering… acting, just real love….thanks for this!

  • effmenow

    LOL @ Tim White in the background.

  • CM Mark

    LOL @Vince in the background.