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Triple H Takes Shots at Bryan and Hogan, Talks Cena vs. Lesnar, Ambrose vs. Rollins, More

– Above is Triple H’s latest sitdown interview with Michael Cole. Below are some highlights:

* Triple H says John Cena asked for his rematch against Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions and it may not be the smartest thing but Cena wanted it. Triple H agrees with Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair about Cena’s chances. Triple H said if Hogan was honest with himself, which Triple H doesn’t think he ever is, he would agree with them too.

* He says he saw a man who was really trying hard to send a message to Lesnar, maybe too hard, when Cena was tearing through The Wyatt Family on RAW. He thinks Cena is the kind of guy who re-groups and does anything he can but this may be his last stand.

* Triple H called Seth Rollins’ eulogy for Dean Ambrose a nice, touching gesture.

* Cole asked about trying to use cinder blocks on Roman Reigns this week and asked if Triple H will take any action because the cinder blocks weren’t legal. Triple H says if anything, he would take action against Reigns for trying to bash Rollins in the head with a cinder block.

* He said Daniel Bryan proved he wasn’t an A+ player and that’s why he’s been out for so long. The same goes for Dean Ambrose. He says Ambrose bit off more than he could chew. He says we will probably never see Ambrose again because he’s not an A+ player and can’t hang. Triple H said if guys aren’t tough enough and get ran off, maybe that’s what’s best for business.