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Triple H Talks About Kane Attacking Brie, Shield vs. Evolution & Flair’s Endorsement on Raw

– Triple H is back with his weekly sitdown interviews but this week it’s Renee Young asking the questions, as seen above. Below are some highlights:

* Regarding Kane attacking Brie Bella, Triple H says it doesn’t matter if Stephanie McMahon feels regret or not. He says once Kane is out of the box, you have to deal with what you’ve got. Triple H jokingly wishes Daniel Bryan good luck at Extreme Rules.

* He says Ric Flair endorsing The Shield didn’t do anything to hurt Evolution, what he said about them was right, that’s why Triple H brought them into WWE.

* He’s not worried about The Shield or their bond when it comes to Evolution working together. He says it’s virtually impossible that he will find himself on the losing end again.

* He has no regrets about his dealings with The Shield because he doesn’t live in the past, he lives for now. He asks if The Shield are the future of the WWE but says it’s not the future, it’s the present and The Shield has to stand in the ring with “the man” – Evolution. He calls The Shield underdogs. He says he brought The Shield in but also knows what it takes to take them out.