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Triple H Interview on RAW Tonight, Shad Auditions for Movie, Sin Cara

– Former WWE star Shad Gaspard recently auditioned for Brett Ratner’s upcoming superhero movie titled “Youngblood.” Gaspard has been working hard on his acting career and has slimmed down a bit from his time in WWE.

– It has been noted how WWE is not keeping Sin Cara’s past in Mexico away from fans, like they did with Alberto Del Rio. WWE’s website currently features photos of Cara in action in Mexico and talks about his past, even mentioning his former name Mistico.

– Triple H is booked to do an interview on tonight’s RAW from Buffalo, New York, explaining why he’s chosen The Undertaker for WrestleMania 27.

It’s interesting to note that in all of WWE’s listings for tonight’s show, they specify Triple H as appearing but don’t mention Undertaker. Taker is confirmed for tomorrow night’s SmackDown tapings in Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • rob

    H v.s Undertaker i seen coming .both man have alot of storyline between the two ..i just hope they don’t pull another retired wrestler(shawn ) out to screw things up (takers steak) on the up and up it should be good but if they throw a screw ball in the stroyline it’s going to be another shitty wrestlemania

  • mark

    would love to see one more HHH heel run, thats when he was at his best.

  • Hunter

    No more career vs streak. Bored of it, and it would be a shame if HHH called time on his career now. He has a few more feuds in him, plus one more heel run (against Randy Orton?)

  • JAck45

    its also good to see what can happen, will they make it a career v streak match?
    and if so, I cant see HHH ending his career so easily and so early. Also i doubt he would make himself end the takers streak…

    Maybe it will just be a normal stipulation match, no gimic attached, just a great story line. Which i can see both of them coming up with quiet easily

  • Sammo

    I’m not overly excited for HHH v Undertaker but I can understand why they’ve done.

    HHH v Sheamus and Undertaker v Barrett would have been pretty routine matches with predictable outcomes, but with HHH v Undertaker they now have a genuine marquee match for Wrestlemania.