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- On Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view, John Laurinaitis was seen in a backstage segment taking a phone call from Triple H. Laurinaitis later revealed that he would address what he and Triple H spoke about on Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow . Michael Cole later announced that Triple H would “be a part of RAW” tomorrow night.

- John Cena appeared to have injured his left arm during his match with Brock Lesnar at tonight’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, and hinted that he may be leaving for awhile. After defeating the former UFC heavyweight champion at tonight’s event, Cena took the mic and addressed the crowd.

“I’m probably going to get sent home for speaking when I’m not spoken to, but I think I’m headed home anyway,” Cena said after the match. “And if I know my boss, he’s going to kick me out the door, but he’s going to do it on air, so I hope this is for the world to see.”

“Chicago, I know this is CM Punk’s town, but above all else, this is a wrestling town. Tonight, you people were supposed to see the extreme. I’ve got no left arm, I’m tasting my own blood… and I’m damn proud to say it was in Chicago, IL.”

“All of us — good guys, bad guys, big guys, small guys — all of us give everything we have every night for you guys. And if I gotta take a vacation, so be it. If I’m going away for a while, I just wanna say thanks for one hell of a last ride. I feel great tonight, even with this Chicago crowd that may or may not like me. I listen to that and I think, if I’m going out, I wouldn’t want to do it any other way! Thank you guys, go home safe!”

While heading to the back, Cena told officials that he couldn’t move his arm, but he knows it’s not torn.


    @TheSheepDog I change the channel when he comes on see his promo and match before same shit everytime

  • D2K

    Perhaps now there will be a feud between Laryngitis and Triple H in which Brock Lesnar can be ole Funkman’s heavy. Maybe a Lesnar/Triple H match down the road.

  • TheSheepDog

    yall bitch all you like about cena but you fucktards still tune in?!! whose more foolish? VKM for shoving him down throats and STILL making dollas or idiots for continuing to watch just to get annoyed?? there IS more to life than predetermined stuntmen you know!

    go outside…WHAT…grab a beer…WHAT…opps sorry kids cant drink…WHAT…grab a soda, or what ever you call it over there…WHAT…enjoy a thing called sun…WHAT…maybe idk, find something else to do that you actually like?.

    never know lesnar might legitimise punk back to the punk of last summer, who knows? but then again wouldnt he be doing the same thing…yada yada yada, omg punks doing the same thing all the time, ofcourse thats ok, as its not cena right??

    #barr sheep barr

  • OGitchida


  • Nicholas

    Oh haters there are just to many of them on the internet. I am no fan of John Cena by any means but respect him for what he has done for the past 3 months. The same goes with the HHH hater you don’t want to see HHH just change the channel when he comes on. HHH is just an Icon an busted his butt at Wrestlmania. To me both HHH and Undertaker save Wrestlmania yet again. HHH is love by millon an his haters to me a very very small. Can’t wait to see the Game tonight.

  • 1919dpg

    if it’s true cenas leaving for a while, he should have lost to lesnar. that way lauranitis would have sent him home saying he’s a hasbeen and that they don’t need him in the era of ”people power.”

    cena could then comeback at summerslam and beat lesnar.

  • CC

    If he is truly taking some time away from the ring, thats a good thing as anyone can see that he has even worn out his welcome with a lot of people who used to be his fans. Hope its not a genuine injury though, as would never wish that on anyone. Wouldnt be surprised if the new star of Marine 3 is now the star of the first one.

    I do agree with something said above as well. What we saw again last night was super Cena. Yeah, he took an unusually heavy beating for once, but he once again came back, hit about 2 moves and won the match.
    With the amount of punishment Brock dished out, he should have not come back from it as the whole point of Brocks promos is that he is legitimising WWE. How is Cena firing back like that making WWE look legitimate?

  • Reverse prince albert

    Cena is a piece of shit he will be back in 3 weeks on his knees begging for the wwe title. FUCK OFF CENA< I HE DIES

  • Starship Pain


    Finally! A smart guy! You’re damn right, man. Fans are tired of his shit, fans need new things. There’s a lot of guys that bust their ass week after week doing more than 4 moves, only to be buried by some old guy, or someone like Super Cena or some monster like brodus or A-Train…

  • Devil_Rising

    Sorry Cena. No matter how much you try and keep on saying “I know some of you don’t like me, but I give everything I have every single night for you guys”….it may be genuine, but it doesn’t erase the fact that a lot of fans feel like they’ve had you shoved down their throat for years. You NEED to go away for a long while, and give other people a chance. And when you come back…why not be a HEEL again? At least that would be something different.

  • Gorilla

    YOU KNOW IT……….

  • Gorilla


  • Gorilla

    Triple H welcome Home….and Cena i said it before mania28 on W-E thathe would be taking time off…I just hope he is back for SummerSlam…and speaking of SS This is 25th anniversary so expect Big things….ROCK/HHH/TAKER Will all be on show …remember I said that The Gorilla is always 92.3% correct on wrestling predictions

  • Reverse prince albert

    cena tell vince he wants time off so he can go over brock, but he will be back befor ethe next PPV

  • dave

    i think its all a work BUT done very very well. it was an interesting match but i didnt like seeing cena take legitimate damage. as Bret says “theres no skill in intentionally hurting yourself or someone else”.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Glad to see blood in the ring again maybe its a sign wwe is dropping pg

  • Jason

    Cena hasn’t had a break in a long time. His whole body is probably banged up. Wouldn’t surprise me if he took sometime off and comeback in July leading up to Summerslam in August. Thing is where does Brock go I thought they were building him to be the unstoppable force and he already lost to Cena with basically 2 moves.

  • JIR

    Didn’t watch but I might rent the dvd if its a work great if its legit don’t pull a rey wait til your 100%

  • JIR

    Didn’t watch but I might rent the dvd if its a work great if its legit don’t pull a rey wait til your 100%

  • TNAisCool

    What if he is headed to TNA? Trade John Cena for a year or so to go to TNA then come back to the WWE?

  • Rucdogg

    So Cena gets a “legit” ass whooping for 20 min, does two moves and wins, guess that goes to show that the Rock Bottom is not to be fucked with cuz Cena didnt kick out of that,lol. I actually gained a lot of respect for Cena tonight and his feud with Rocky, but I wont miss him.

  • Captain

    It will be a interesting RAW tomorrow..

  • Mr. Wrestling

    Just like Beth Phoniex, its prolly just a work.

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    steve Triple H is a wrestling politician, he’s Negative’s far out weight he’s positive’s.

  • TheSheepDog

    wow wheres all the doo gooders wishing cena stays away for ever? and thanking him for going???

    #barr sheep barr

  • ant

    i meant to say “for u”

  • ant

    good match cena come back soon cuz i think the fans are starting to get a little bit more respect from u

  • steve

    @Rock/austin/trish/ftw Triple H is a wrestling legend… just get off the site your embarrasing yourself

  • Tony A

    Cena isn’t injured.. It’s part of the storyline. It seemed odd that they stayed with Cena’s promo and caught a lot of what Cena was telling the ref.

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    after Cena and Brock made Raw interesting again, here comes big nose Triple H in to try and put the spotlight on himself.

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