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Triple H Recalls How He Joined WCW, His Contract Negotiations With Eric Bischoff (Video)


The official YouTube account of WWE has released a preview of the newly released Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come DVD and Blu-ray where Triple H recalls the nature of his arrival to World Championship Wrestling in 1994 as well as his contract negotiations with organization head Eric Bischoff.

Following a tryout match against Keith Cole that was suitable enough to be broadcast on the February 12, 1994 episode of WCW Saturday Night on TBS, Bischoff offered the then-24-year-old a two-year guaranteed contract. The WWE Chief Operating Officer explains why he asked for a shorter deal.

“This is one of these things that this conversation to me in my mind, I still, part of me believes like I can’t believe I had the balls to do any of this,” said Triple H.

“So [Bischoff] says, “I’d like to offer you a two-year deal, 52-grand-a-year.” Triple H replied, “Can I just do a year? And he said, “I’m offering you two years guaranteed, you want one?” He explains, “Yeah, here’s the thing. I said, “it’s 52-grand. Right? So I’m going to starve for a year. At the end of a year, you’re going to know I’m not worth 52-grand, or I’m worth a whole lot more than 52-grand. It ain’t going to take more than a year to figure that out, right? Let’s do a year.”

The New Hampshire native’s WCW tenure concluded after one year, as he left for the World Wrestling Federation after having his request to promoted as a singles competitor denied by organization heads. They had originally planned to pair him in a tag team with William Regal, and have future WWE Hall of Famer Sherri Martel as their manager.

  • millerj265

    It wasn’t in the late 80’s to early 90’s, and how’s that egotistical, he’s right within one yr a promoter is going to know whether or not a talent is going to be worth money within a yr or not. He’s exceptionally egotistical now but back then he just had the balls to make a bold request.

  • ejames

    52k a year isnt much since have to pay for all your travel and expenses.

  • Matthew Farrell

    So even as a rookie he was an egotistical pr*ck. Makes sense. BTW, that hairdo is sooo gay 😛

  • Skip Becker

    I wish I had to starve on 52 grand a year.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    William Regal is another one of those guys that’s an extremely underrated wrestler. Himself and Goldust each coil have held the WWE title at some point in their careers.