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Triple H Reportedly Called For Sheamus To Win The Royal Rumble

Chris Jericho was pegged to win this year’s 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, but Triple H, who has gained even more influence behind the scenes, called for Sheamus to be the decided winner. The final decision was made last week.

The two have been friends since the Irish grappler’s promotion to the main roster in the summer of 2009 as the two workout together on the road. In a subsequent interview with Power Slam, he singled out the Celtic Warrior as a wrestler with potential.

Triple H said, “The closest to me is probably Sheamus, because we always train together on the road. But I try to watch all the young guys’ matches and give them advice, if they want to hear it. If they take advice to heart and really want to improve, then I’m wanting to help. As for seeing some of myself in someone? That’s tough. Sheamus just the other day showed up at a show he didn’t have to be at. He does whatever he’s asked to do without complaining, he goes to every show and is always wanting to work: he does it all, goes above and beyond. That’s what I was like.”

Randy Orton was initially pegged as the Rumble victor since he cleanly put over Mark Henry during The World’s Strongest Man’s rise as World Heavyweight Champion and the event was taking place in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Later, the idea was changed to Jericho, setting up a WWE Championship showdown against CM Punk at WrestleMania XXVIII.

WWE officials contemplated last week having John Cena win the match due to the stipulation that “everyone was eligible” for the Rumble. Cena would win the match and subsequently make a tough decision: take the title shot and not face The Rock at WrestleMania.


  • Diesel

    @Devil_Rising couldn’t have said it better myself, even a guy like Mysterio who was a skinny runt in ECW & WCW got juiced up when he went to work for Vince.

  • kamala’s foot


    Are you a Fattitude Follower?

  • Devil_Rising


    No. I’m afraid it’s you that doesn’t get it. Obviously, you personally like Sheamus, so you are happy he is getting a big push. That’s nice. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are other, BETTER stars in WWE that get shit on, buried, kept on Superstars, whatever, that have a LOT more talent, and are a LOT more entertaining. Vince loves huge muscle men, especially ones that can’t seem to actually wrestle very well. That seems to have rubbed off on HHH.

    Just look at HHH himself. He started out as a skinny technical wrestler, who was actually pretty entertaining to watch. And then somewhere along the way, he changed himself into “THE GAME”, pulled a Scott Steiner, and changed his style to a big power bruiser instead. Why? Because he wanted to be a “top guy”, and that’s apparently what it took to impress Vince enough to give him the belt. That and a ton of kissing ass, and marrying Vince’s daughter didn’t hurt either, I’m sure.

    The point being, a guy like Tyson Kidd, he has a LOT of talent. A lot of charisma, and I’m sure if he actually got the CHANCE, he’d be able to show an entertaining character, and be “good on the mic”. He has a ton of potential, just like Punk and Bryan, and he could/should be huge, just like they are now. But instead, he’s losing matches on Superstars. Just like JTG. Just like Zack Ryder up until recently. Just like Ted DiBiase Jr., who they’ve never given a serious push since he became a singles star, even though he seems to be every bit as good as his dad. Or how about Joe Hennig, who may not be as good as HIS dad (who is?), but still, to not let him honor his family history, saddling him with one of the DUMBEST fake wrestling names in history (Mike McGuilicutty, really?), and then forgetting about him now that Nexus is gone. All very, very sad.

    Point being, they’d rather have guys like Orton, or Cena, or Sheamus, or Batista, or Bobby Lashley, be their “new top guys”, than people like even Punk or Bryan, most days. They’d rather push those clowns, than people in the past like Carlito, or Shelton Benjamin, or MVP, or Gregory Helms, etc., guys who actually had a lot of talent, and ALL were “good on the mic”.

    It’s no secret here. WWF/E and Vince/Now HHH, have always preferred “BIG GUYS” over small guys who can actually wrestle. The only reason Vince ever gave guys like Bret Hart and HBK a chance, is because he had to, the steroid scandal from all those “BIG GUYS” of his, almost cost him his business. But given enough time, he eventually went right back to the BIG guys. And it’s no different today. It wasn’t that way when Vince Sr. ran things, Bruno Sammartino wasn’t terribly tall, neither was Buddy Rogers, or Bob Backlund. So it certainly isn’t a “family thing”. It’s just a “Vince Jr.” thing.

  • LVW

    Cry me a river! Everyone acts like their life revolves around who the champ is or who’s in the main event, or who wins the RR, etc etc etc.

  • Hunter

    Inconsistency again. The winner of the royal rumble couldn’t win a battle royal on smackdown- being eliminated by….

  • Tyler(:

    LOL apparently if you have muscles you’re a ‘bodybuilding’ type. IF the reports are right, Jericho’s leaving soon.

    Once again proof that a Triple H article, means the IWC getting their periods.

  • Diesel

    Ahhhh politics are still alive and well in the WWE….

    This honestly wouldn’t surprise me given how they’re buddies.

  • hjkhjk

    Response to headline: “DUH!”

  • fail

    Hhh had heaps of good matches back in 99 – 02

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Nicholas and WWFZine, you two are my favorite people on this site after those truthful posts. It is a relief not seeing comments saying “HHH this, HHH that, HHH is only successful because _” I’d post more but WWFZine pretty much summed up what I was thinking reading through the comments.

  • kamala’s foot

    I don’t get why the fat internet nerds hate Sheamus so much. Probably because he makes more money and the fat keyboard warriors.

  • Nicholas

    The thing that gets me sometimes is most stuff like this on the internet is never proven too. For all we know the guy that wrote this story is another one of those long list of HHH haters just making stuff up. I mean there has been many wrestler themself doing shoot interview saying almost every wrestler in the back don’t know who gets to win a match like the Rumble. Yet the internet know more then the wrestler do. They must have an eye on everything WWE does or here is what I think of most of the haters on the internet. They hater successful wrestlers in the WWE. I mean look how fast some of the people on the internet has turn on Punk.

  • WWFZine

    @Nicholas.. just saying how i feel..

    u’re sheamus. Sheamus didn’t complain about him being in the “dumps”. he went and did his job. like a normal job. like it or not, every industry is like a JOB. we work hard. if we get noticed, so be it. if we don’t, either leave or make a change about yourself!

    wwe is a business. giving sheamus a chance to run with it. now its up to sheamus to a certain extent to make it work.

    sheamus received a crazy pop on Monday. he didn’t have to talk bout the business like CM Punk, come up with some crazy stunt like Kofi or etc… He did the job. he got the job done. he worked hard and won at royal rumble.

    even if HHH did “call for sheamus to win”, he saw the work that was put in “in front of the boss”. its not how hard u work, its how smart u work.

    we all freaking do that. if boss is around, we work hard.. give credit when its due.

    sheamus has got the look, the wit and given that he has been in WWE for what? 2 years plus maybe, he wasn’t forced down our throats like the 1st run he had. he has been given time to stick into people’s minds. nice one.. 🙂

  • Nicholas

    @WWFZine You are a smart person. Agree with everything you say. You know why this is such a big deal on the internet. It is because it is HHH and the hate the internet has for the guy. Why because he does what is best for buisness. Like it or not Sheamus winning the Rumble was a smart buisness move. I mean look at the pop Sheamus got Monday night that is all you need to know. I have like Sheamus since day one. He just has that passion and really started the young guys movement in the WWE. Also he not that force you down your throat face like Cena. He earn his fans by staying himself.

    Yeah he went down to mid card for a year. Heck last year he wasn’t on the WM 27 card. But did you hear him cry about it or just work a little bit harder. That is what I like about Sheamus a dam good fighter and never cry. Just countine to improve.

  • venom

    I am glad Sheamus won the Rumble. Sheamus got a big push when he first debuted then went down to midcard status and worked his way back up. People are always going to complain about him because of his push in the beginning. I think he earned a win for the Rumble. At least he is a different face to wrestle the heels. Because the only top faces in WWE are Cena, Punk, and Orton.

  • WWFZine

    you guys are weak. when a new face comes in and wins something, u groan n moan. if cena wins again, u moan and groan.

    i for one was so happy to see sheamus win. Unexpected. too much talk about jericho winning. he doesn’t need titles. he is beyond that.

    let other people win the accolades.

    u guys think u know it all with your “i used to watch this and that in the 90s” blah blah.. please la.. u guys dunnno anything about business. prob working for your daddy or work in some lousy company for someone else. 99% of the world works for someone else.

    if u are not in the business itself, then don’t talk. do yourselves a favor. or i will do it for u.

  • John

    Suprise suprise. There are alot of problems in wrestling right now and HHH and his politics is one of the biggest. Guys who workout with HHH win the rumble but guys who bust there ass to have good matches like Dolph Ziggler or John Morrison either get released or overlooked.

    And for the record I was against Jericho winning the Rumble. He’s already had a Hall of Fame career and winning the rumble , especially after taking a year and a half off, would’ve been wrong and disrespectful to the young talent. In that regard I actually prefer Sheamus winning the rumble but I would’ve picked someone else.

  • chronoxiong

    Now I’m torn on this decision. I don’t know which is the best possible way to go with it.

  • poko

    I have no problem with Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble. They need another face in the upper echelon. A Royal Rumble win would have done very little for Jericho, and nothing for Orton. In my mind, the Rumble should be about lifting up careers, instead of being simply another notch on the belt for someone established, not unless you have something big planned.

    I’m not a huge fan of Sheamus in the ring, but he does bring something unique, and is more like the colorful characters of old than the vanilla characters of today. He also isn’t a face that gets beat on for 10 minutes before the predictable “momentum shift”, which I also like to see.

  • Devil_Rising

    Gee, ya think? Didn’t HHH call for Sheamus to even become a star in the first place, because Sheamus became his work out buddy? No offense to Sheamus, but he IS just another big body builder type with a limited moveset. Right up HHH’s alley.

    Which is funny, because once upon a time, he was actually a decent technical wrestler. But then he saw Scott Steiner over in WCW and got jealous.

  • Edo. Risk

    Sheamus winning is a good thing, his a hard worker and deserves the spot. The rumble per – se was not good.

    I liked the final showdown of Jericho and Sheamus, but NOT the last minute apperence of Show and Otunga… W. T. Hayll!…

    Also the participance of Epico, Primo, Uso #2, Jerry and Cole. (tag teams have been used properly royal rumble’s before, but in the disatrous tag team divition of today, those guy’s were better in a tag team filler match)

    Those 5 spots (to mention a few) were better for The Funksaures, Drew, Goldust (to eliminate Cody), Mr. Ass (for a Dx: N. A. Outlaw’s Reunion), Cena (for the Pop) and Rock (to eliminate Cena and leave) but that’s just me!

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Thats BULL! Y2J is one of the greatest wrestlers to NEVER win the Rumble match! He should have won it! Besides it’s not like Sheamus can’t win one in the future since he has a lot more time left in the tank than Jericho

  • Nicholas

    I believe Jericho don’t even mind because really did he need to win. You still getting Jericho vs Punk at WM. I am thinking this story it just that a story. What me is no truth just trying to make problems were there isn’t one. I am happy HHH is letting somebody new an young win the Rumble. Did you here the pop Sheamus got on Raw it was bigger then Punk I believe. So it work that mean HHH was right on letting Sheamus win the Rumble. It has nothing to do with them being friends it is about the wrestling business and to me HHH has a good eye.

    An in the words of Y2J himself the other day. Internet stop your whining. Funny how his own fans don’t even get that massage.

  • Valo487

    Also, I love the logic of Randy Orton winning just because it’s his hometown and for “cleanly putting over Mark Henry.” I’m so happy that WWE has now created an environment where losing clean to somebody is seen as something they have to be rewarded for. It’s not like Orton has to do it more than about twice a year.

  • wildeye

    i would have liked to see jericho take it but happy to see someone else win it. last year i was upset that del rio won but again someone different won it. why does someone who holds the belt alot need to win? i know jericho hasnt had the belt that often and hasnt had it for a long time but he doesnt need it.

  • Jimbob

    Triple H has never seen Jericho as a star!

  • Valo487

    Triple H made the call for Sheamus to win? Gasp and swoon. They had four potential winners, one made sense, and that’s not the one they picked. Brilliant. Do they even bother trying to book compelling angles anymore? For all the talk about “writers” in WWE, I see no evidence that there’s a thought process or logical reason for the majority of this crap. It reminds me more and more of WCW’s booking as the show’s going on, and we all know how well that worked.

  • Bawb

    Completely random, but every time I hear Sheamus referred as Triple H’s “boy,” I think of the scene in The Departed when Nicholson’s crew interrogate Martin Sheen, “Where’s ya boy?! Where’s ya fuckin’ boy?!” Whatever.

    In any case, I think this is still a shame. People think he’s way over and, while he has had some proper build as a face, taking on bully heels and has been given comedic flair, I think he’s been nothing special. To see him still favored by Haytch, and decision-making done the last minute by one guy in particular who’s been buddy/buddy with him, irks me.

  • dave

    Sheamus has ALREADY been champion. TWICE. lets say he wins the title at WM. so what?? hes already done it. same goes if he doesnt win at WM. what was the point of him winning RR then. Jericho should have been the winner. would have been another achievement in his brilliant career, the match with Punk would have stole the show. My opinion is that HHH doesnt really know what to do. he wasnt a grest wrestler IMHO. name one HHH match (not WM27) that has a memorable moment in it? an incredibly average talent that is way too prominent in the wrestling business.