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Triple H Reportedly Against WWE Utilizing Mick Foley On Television

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer was asked by a reader during his radio show (available here) why WWE has not utilized Mick Foley on television more frequently since his return to the organization last November. He said this is due to wrestler/executive Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque’s lobbying, who is resentful of “The Hardcore Legend.”

Meltzer reports Levesque deprecates Foley whenever his name is broached in creative meetings. While Brian Gewirtz, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Creative Writing, feels Foley is a creative and a good performer, Levesque thinks otherwise. He says Foley ‘doesn’t look tough’ and can’t be taken seriously as an in-ring performer.

A former WWE creative writer told Power Slam in 2008 under the condition of anonymity that Levesque would disparage Foley whenever he appeared for the company, and in the process, diminished his value in the eyes of Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

“Foley is an out-of-shape nobody,” Levesque was reported as saying by the writer. “No one cares about him at all. Funaki puts more asses in the seats than Foley does. He should pay us for coming on our shows.”

Meltzer believes the real reason Levesque still holds Foley in contempt is because he gets irritated over the consensus of his closest co-workers that his memorable matches with Foley in 2000 ‘made him a star.’

Foley has criticized Levesque in the past; he took several veiled shots at ‘H in his 2007 autobiography The Hardcore Diaries. He also took issue online with Levesque belittling ring announcer Lilian Garcia with a remark he felt was hurtful during an April 2010 episode of Raw. Foley acknowledged then that he may have cost himself professionally for speaking out against Levesque, but felt he had to stand by his principles.

  • ant

    to those who say triple h wouldnt have been a star if not for marrying stephanie is insuating that he only married her to get to the top which that in itself is a dumb statement cuz look how hot stephanie is and they have kids for petes sake and they still get along and love eachother so you internet marks are retarted and plus people forget that triple h got punished for that whole msg incident and at one point was being totally shitted on in his career so yall can miss me with all that haterade

  • voice of reason

    i respect mick for what he’s done in the wrestling business as for him being out of shape yes he is but he has always carried some extra weight on him but mick has done more for the business than paul ever has.

    i think the wwe needs to use mick as a trainer or something i cant remember when i’ve last seen a hardcore match & mick would be great to train the new up & comers.

  • John

    Ofcourse Meltzner could just be talking out of his ass. He’s got zero proof to back up what he’s saying.

    Im not HHH’s biggest fan but to suggest he wouldn’t have been a star if not for marrying Steph is total bulls***. Do you people realize he won his first world title before he ever even met Stephanie McMahon. Do you realize he already had his epic fueds with The Rock, Mick Foley, and even a short one with Steve Austin making him the top heel in the business before he began dating Stephanie? Hell he main evented WM 2000 before the two became a couple. Would the haters please explain how he wasn’t a star yet?

  • Rikishi

    Triple H is a douche. I remember befor he became “Da Rock” HHH & HBK disliked him. It never bothered him, as he continued on to become a great entertaining wrestler

    Rock Qoute @ Triple H “They didn’t put you in the bottom of the barrel because you wanted to say bye too your roody poo friends at MSG , no, they put you in the bottom of the barrel because you absolutely suck!!!!!!!”

  • WhiteboyChris

    man why funakai gone though i like taka to but then rikishi gone now trple h the ceo man fuck wee

  • adm111384

    some people say trips outlasted austin, rock, and even hbk but lets be realistic trips is where hes at because he’s married to the bosses daughter otherwise I’m pretty sure at this point in his career he would be a nobody too.

  • nnac

    foley should of retired 11 yrs ago… only thing worth coming back for was his program with edge in 2006. other than that, hes just… there.

  • Bill

    You know how Pinnochio’s nose got big whenever he lied? Triple H called Mick Foley a nobody, & look how huge his damn nose is!

  • scooter

    Triple would have been a star that was never in doubt. One could question how big he would have been and of course he never would be the heir to the wwe empire but he would’ve been a big star he was groomed for it from day 1. He’s stated in the past he never got the average first year contract because People in wwe enjoyed his stuff as terra ryzing.

  • Tyler(:

    “HHH is where he is today because he married the boss’s daughter. Literally. If not for that”

    That shit again? I guess if that’s true then CM Punk got the WWE Title for not re-signing until he was told he would be a top player ( not the storyline, for-real. )

  • Stockton Joe

    Steroids cause brain damage. HHH is where he is today because he married the boss’s daughter. Literally. If not for that, HHH would be a broken-down FORMER wrestler. Don’t get me wrong. HHH WAS good in the ring. HHH is still good in the ring — ONCE A YEAR. HHH should look at Ric Flair and say, “there but for Steph go I.”

  • moo

    Mick Foley is far more talented than Triple H, Triple H could never pull off the promos that Foley could. And yes Foley made Triple H look like a million bucks in that street fight and Hell in a Cell so he should shut up. Triple H is just a queer bodybuilder like his father inlaw and thinks talent is how cut your abs are.

  • Tyler(:

    And so because Meltzer says this it’s true?

  • Little Jimmy

    He may be overweight and needs a shave and haircut but Foley has always been entertaining because his wrestling style of hardcore helps him distinguish himself. As a GM commentator he’d be overqualified. For a one off match the fans would love it.

  • mark

    HHH is just being pathetic when it comes to this . Mick Foley is a wrestling legend and needs to be treated more with respect

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    WOW! Triple H is a duesh bag for being that way to Mick Foley! That man is a legend! He has put his body and life on the line so many times in his pro career to entertain the milions of fans all around the world. He might not have the stereotype body that wrestlers have but damn it he has put on way more memoriable matches than HHH has ever done! Hunter is just jealous that he isn’t the main guy anymore and that he isn’t as praised or famous and Foley

  • Tyler(:

    What was I told on another article? “Triple H is one of the guys who doesn’t get enough hate than he deserves”.

    Who gives a fuck? It’s Mick Foley. and “Triple Achy” half of you guys are the saddest fucks around “Batistwo” and “Randy Boreton” Grow the fuck up kids.

    I’ve sworn three times already. Damn.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Why would Triple H hate Foley for memorable matches that helped Triple H be a top guy?

  • poko

    Thick Foley is an embarrassment to wrestling industry, Ric Flair thinks it, Trips thinks it, any and every self-respecting ‘fan’ believes it!

    Trips is a legend, a self-made number one guy, out lasted both rock and austin, hell even precious hbk.

  • Robinson

    Why is it that most of this hating on Vince and company is surfacing or resurfacing all the sudden?!

  • AttitudePl0x

    Triple Herp strikes again.

  • Will

    Like Father-in-Law like son-in-law

  • Pandar


    Vince has taught him well then… -_-

  • andrew

    Foley will always be a bigger draw than triple h.

  • SusyRko

    Common triple Achy don’t be a p.ssy I find Foley more entertaining that triple achy, the only feud that I had like was his feud against Orton back in the 09 I think.