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Triple H Reveals Who Was Originally Pegged for Batista’s Spot In Evolution

– Triple H revealed in the extras of his latest DVD and Blu-ray that Mark Jindrak was originally planned to be in Evolution.

Jindrak, who now competes under the name of Marco Corleone in Mexico, filmed vignettes coming out of a helicopter with the group but he ended up being replaced by Batista.

  • millerj265

    You mean the match that stole the show and beat out Shawn Michaels for match of the night? You have brought shame to the intellectual savior of the wwe by using his picture while dropping such unintelligible garbage.

  • Guest

    Damn can you imagine?! Mark would probably still be in WWE and as a top guy then… Damn. Sucks to suck

  • Jindrak sucked, but he was better in the ring than Batista has ever been. The only thing Batista originally had going for him, was that his limited moveset was fairly crisp. Then after his first couple of (likely steroid induced) muscle injuries, he came back slower, and floppier in the ring, and he suddenly looked like Scott Steiner Jr. Went from crisp to really sloppy.

  • Guest

    Probably Better Than His Match With Batista

  • Timmy Bray

    Wonder what Jindrak V Undertaker for the WHC would have looked like