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Triple H Talks Attitude Era & Marriage with Stephanie McMahon

– Triple H spoke about the Attitude Era during an interview with

“It’s one of those things — I’ve talked about this with Austin and a little bit with Rock, too — you don’t realize is happening at the time; it’s just what you’re doing,” said Triple H. “We were all so wrapped up in what we were doing, and it was so competitive with each other. It’s only now that I think we can look back and go, ‘Wow. That was a pretty special time, and we shared some pretty special things all together and made history.’ I think at the time you’re doing it, you realize it’s going well, but you’re just so deep in there that you can’t even fathom really what you’re doing. To look back at it now and see all those times, and to watch the video game…when we did the voiceovers to the video game, to go back and watch some of those scenes take place, it’s crazy because you forget what a…that was just another day then.”

When asked what keeps the “fire burning” in his marriage with Stephanie, “What keeps a fire burning? A big log. It keeps the fire burning”, said Triple H.

Stephanie McMahon stated that Triple H “almost defined the Attitude Era.” Triple H discussed his wife watching his matches.

“It’s funny because she knows me so well that she sees the smallest little things in there and when I come back she’ll be like, ‘Then this happened,'” he said. “She knows all the little intricacies of everything we do and knows me so well that she can see it whether I’m hurt or not hurt. She’ll be watching almost more intently than anybody.”

  • Scott Davies

    Well DX did start off the Attitude era. So i guess he has some claim to that

  • Roy Bledsoe

    I mean without HHH, they really had no ruthless heel. Granted his character was a knock off of Shane Douglas but tbh those three needed each other to really define the era!

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Well under Austin and The Rock, Triple H was definitely #3 in terms of popularity. He was the Top heel for a very long time and was a brutal S.O.B back then.

  • Triple H “almost defined the Attitude Era?
    What the f00k is she smoking?