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Triple H vs. Undertaker Set for WrestleMania, Likely Main Events for Miami

– As seen on last night’s RAW Supershow, Triple H brought up The Undertaker’s absence and declared that The Streak ended at WrestleMania 27 because we haven’t seen The Deadman since then and he couldn’t leave the ring on his own.

The Wrestling Observer reports that Triple H vs. The Undertaker is booked as one of the matches at WrestleMania 28 in Miami.

We noted yesterday that officials have Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title also penciled in for WrestleMania 28. Add The Rock vs. John Cena and you have the three main events for Miami.

  • ironcross

    I see Eddy is still wearing his 2003 HHHater shirt from 2003 lmfao

  • OJ

    I think TAKER should take on Barrett, the reason Nexxus jumped him twice and he owes payback. TAKER ALWAYS gets payback. While the match the ex-members of Nexxus try to interfere. However Kane is nearby to watch over the match. The ex-members get involved because they know they are next.
    After the match the nexxus try to jump the brothers of destruction.
    The nexxus have failed at their attempt. But realize they should have second go around together.

  • Kc

    its only way we can have taker comeback and tell him same stipulations as hbk you lose you retire hahashahaha
    so hh can then retire and streak goes 1 more yr lol

  • draig

    bring goldberg vs undertaker for the main event at wrestlemania.

    stone cold vs brock lesner

    triple h vs diesel

    rock vs cena

    cm punk vs y2j

  • Nicholas G

    @Tyler forget if the internet people crying about HHH tearing this quad if it was the internet people they be crying like babies. Think what would happen if anybody talk bad about HHH quad would feel if they broke there hand an couldn’t come on the internet. I mean just think about it. I mean at least when HHH tears his quad he still has a pretty darn good life. What do those haters have with life after wrestling or crying about wrestling.

    Now like I said already don’t really mind HHH haters that much. But when they start wanting guys like HHH to get injured that cross a line. There are many wrestler who I don’t care about. But would never wish injury on anybody. I just shows me a lot of internet fans who say stuff like that just have no class and really no life.


  • CenaSucks

    I am going to mania next year, got my tickets booked and everything, so this year I am being really selfish lol. I am from the uk so might never go to Mania again so want to see as many of the attitude era guys as possible and want to see as many blockbuster matches as possible.

    For me I would rather see HHH VS Taker than Barrett/Swagger/Ziggler vs Taker because those guys, I just dont care about nearly as much as I do for the attitude era guy.

    However, saying that, my choicee would be Mankind vs Taker, Hell In The Cell, one more time, let them go at it.

    But that wont happen cause Foley doesnt do PG hardcore matches, and wwe wont loosen the reigns, even for a mania match

  • Stevie P

    Ziggler vs Taker wouldn’t be bad. Another HHH vs Taker is dumb.

  • Titan

    Taker vs Swagger

  • Al

    Kevin Nash (Diesel) FOR 28!!!!!

  • JD

    As much as I don’t want to see Undertaker fight anyone three times, I think the more logical choice would be Kane.

  • Tyler(:

    The dude above me with the ‘HHHH’ thinking his funny, would cry like a bitch if he tore his quad, but hey, it’s funny to mock injuries right?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    This would be HHHH’s 3rd match with Taker. Shawn only had 2.

  • Soulshroude

    @Eddy That was the meanest thing to wish upon someone. Live your own negative life without wishing that kind of crap on someone else just because your miserable.

    Shawn Michaels had his two matches, why can’t HHH?

  • Pete K

    We are seeing Taker vs HHH at Mania. And Taker isnt losing, nor is his streak ending.

  • FLOCKA!!!

    HBK VS HHH random but would be a good match 2 see at WM

  • adam

    @yopapa. That would be a great card but you forgot that bryan is going to cash in his money in the bank at wrestlmania so he would be penxiled in probalby instead of chrstian…I love christian and all but enough with christian in title matches that he is going to lose for a while.

  • Yo Papa

    My DREAM WrestleMania 28 Matches:
    -The Rock vs John Cena
    -WWE Championship: CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
    -The Undertaker vs Mic Foley
    -Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes vs Kane
    -WWE Tag Team Championship TLC: Air Bourne vs Usos vs Miz & Truth
    -Street Fight: Kevin Nash vs Triple H
    -Diva’s Championship Eight Pack Challenge: Beth vs Natalya vs Bella Twins vs Eve vs Kelly vs Alicia vs Layla
    – World Heavyweight Championship 4 way: Henry vs Sheamus vs Christian vs Orton
    -United States Championship Ladder: Ryder vs Ziggler vs Bryan vs Swagger
    -Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show

  • adam

    @Nicholas thats another reason i dont want to see a taker match if what people are worrid about his performance he most likely wont be good wrestling this his only match in a year and its going to have to be with someone who can carry the match like a triple h or cena or punk thats why he cant face henry. I would like to see kane espically the new monster kane but i doubt that would happen again.

  • D2K

    If they can’t find anything better to do than to have the Undertaker wrestle the same couple of guys year after year just retire and call it a career dude. Seriously. There is nothing left for him to prove. Either wrestle somebody young and put them over at WM or just stay gone. Taker/HHH again at WM28 is beyond pathetic.

  • Tyler(:

    I like the quad jokes about Triple H, hell I mean he stayed wrestling with a torn one, if any of you bitches torn one you’d be crying for your mother.

    I love the Ziggler/WB/Cody Rhodes suggestions, I mean, a upper-midcarder standing across the ring from Taker? No, It’d be too obvious of a Taker Win ( like the Mark Henry and Show/Train matches ).

    Mick Foley would be too much of a hardcore match imo, doesn’t fit will.

    Jericho returning and losing the rumble, taking on Undertaker would be cool imo, then we could have CM Punk vs Kane maybe.

  • whipwreck


  • BlessedWitItAll

    Ok so i have read some of the comments some i agree and others i dont. I agree that for WM27 Taker doesnot have a good enough opponent. I do agree that Triple H would be a contender but hes lost twice. So it makes no sence. I do agree that masked Kane would be cool aswell but…hes lost twice. So makes no sence. Last but not least i do agree that the only person that should have had two matches back to back with taker and the only one that could…key word (could)not should! have a third would be shawn micheals. But! thats also been done. they all have a good history and rivalry with taken but obviously individually that cant beat him so…I vote that they have a OLD SCHOOL four way Elimination match to try to end the streak. Come on! Micheals,Kane,& H all gunning to Pin Taker. It would be CHAOS…I dont think it could get any more exciting then that…Armageddon Hell in the Cell any1??? Who would participate. Triple H,Micheals,Kane,Foley,Batista,& Taker!…Can some1 tell WWE to hire me for creative writting, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • John

    Every year Randy Orton gets screwed out of being in a big match at WM. Yet people still claim he’s Cena 2.0. It should be Orton vs Jericho at WM as Orton was the one who punted him.

  • LisaTheSimpson

    They needed Cena to be his last match but they booked themselves in a hole with the Rock and everything.

    An instant rematch from last year is a bad idea, especially considering that it was one of Taker’s worst streak matches that didn’t involve a giant nobody (Boss Man, Mark Henry, Giant Gonzales, Diesel, etc).

    Stupid booking and a poor lack of foresight if this actually goes through.

  • poko

    I’m alright with Taker vs. HHH, because I can’t help but think it will be a retirement match for one of them. My head says it will be Triple H’s way of bowing out, and that he wants to go out the same way as his best friend, Shawn Micheals. However, there is also the possibility that it will be the end for Taker. Think about it. The ONLY other person on the roster with the credibility to stop Taker’s streak is Kane. I sure as hell don’t want Cena to get that honor, and most of the other guys don’t have the tenure for it. Anyone else will mean a sure win for Taker, which means zero drama. If it’s not HHH or Kane, then it will probably fall to Cena or Orton to end the steak, and personally, I’d rather it be HHH or Kane.

  • Dr.Dre

    kane vs hhh
    taker vs mankind
    y2j vs cm punk
    rock vs cena

    thats how wm28 should be

  • liam

    god everyone moans about hhh yet hes still one of the best performers/wrestlers on the roster… can anyone honestly say theres anyone on that roster who can carry and perform on the level that takers at? barret… pft no del rio… dont make me laugh.. the miz… no waste of a streak match… sheamus possibly but wouldnt be a stand out match.. cody … squash match against takers size… mark henry… again another waste, hhh and taker will be a sick match honestly dont know why people dont want it to happen again, especially since they can do the run in with micheals this time round… hhh about to win 1 .. 2 … omg its shaun.. superkick.. boom 1.2.3 taker wins :L

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Hmm I may have 2 bathroom breaks… I for one do not want to see Quadruple H vs Taker again, I thought the last match sucked because it was nothing but a brawl. Mania is for the best and in my book that was far from the best so I don’t have much faith in ChII if it does happen. If those videos are really for Jericho, what better way to have him try to take back what is his than on the grandest stage, fighting against the streak.

  • Nicholas G

    Hey if HHH lose not going to bother me one bit. Would love to see him win an he may because if anybody does it HHH would be the guy. It is just the performance is all I care about. I am not big on wins and lose in wrestling because at the end of the day it is already plan out. All I care about is how the match turns out. It is funny some people still don’t see it is all fake and all the matter is how it turn out in the ring. It just seems like to me some people takes what happen in wrestling way to personal. You watch if HHH ends the streak they hate comes pouring in it is going to be all over the internet.

    I don’t think Taker would care as much if HHH ends the streak like people on the internet would. I bet if there is anybody Taker would want to end the streak it would be HHH. Undertaker is ready to retire and lets face it there is not much else left for Undertaker an it not going to hurt is legacy at all.

  • KGM Da Master

    HHH vs. Taker would be good but whomever Undertaker faces, he will win. For those hoping he loses this year……wish again! Wrestlemania 29 will be the match where the Taker takes a fall after 20-0 start. WWE doesnt have a legitimate contender to face Taker this year unless if they put him up against whomever wins the World belt at TLC. I think if there were anyone who could beat the DarkMan this year, itd be Mark Henry. His size and domininance have been remarkable this year. Peace

  • adam

    The match was ok but i just really dont want to see a taker match at all they are old and its boring now because you know what will happen. I love the punk jericho match though i hope that happens no matter who wins it will be awesome. Although those will be three good matches becuse think of it all of them are attitude era people in the main events punk vs jericho(attitude) cena vs rock (obviously attitude era) Taker vs triple H ( DX helped make the attitude era)

  • Nicholas G

    If you don’t want to see Undertaker vs HHH at Wrestlemania 28 when the match comes on walk up go to the rest room do something else why the match is going on. I mean it not that hard but watch when the match happens you all will be clue to the TV set just like you were last year. Look it is not like WWE don’t want to put somebody else against Undertaker it just Taker don’t want to work with anybody else. Oh you think it is just HHH wanting this match to happen. Look Taker got more pull over HHH than you think. Why else you think Taker can take so much time off. I love how everybody wants to point finger just at HHH an not look at Undertaker sometimes. Why because he the Undertaker an he does no wrong how do you know you are not backstage. Taker even said in last year face to face interview if there is anybody he would want to end the streak it would be HHH what does that tell you. In the end it will be HHH that ends the streak an will be the end of both in ring career. Because that is the only thing left for HHH and Undertaker.

    So like I said don’t want to see it don’t watch it. It is not that hard but watch like every other time. You will watch an then cry on the internet like you always do. It is just amazing how some people on the internet can just sit on the computer cry about a match they don’t want to see an still end up watching it. It just shows me that some people really in the end on the internet just don’t know what they want. I am just trying to say don’t like something don’t watch it I do it all the time with something I don’t like.

  • Bill

    Screw The Game! Masked Kane is back! We NEED Taker vs. Kane III !

  • chronoxiong

    Nooo! Not again! We don’t want to see this match for the 3rd time!

  • Prince

    So this basically means that HHH will destroy Nash at TLC to end that feud.

  • Jon

    It anything i just hope Taker come back as American Badass.

  • Phil Collins

    I can’t say I’d be too psyched about seeing Triple H/Taker at Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels should be the only one that had two back to back rematches at WM especially because the rematch was to retire him. I’d probably be more interested if Triple H retired from the ring once he lost this rematch even then I still wouldn’t be too psyched to see that again.

  • Al Bundy

    I think Mick Foley would be a better choice

  • Taker Vs HHH was AMAZING last year, but no need for a repeat
    I think WWE should work to try to get Kurt Angle to come back, even on a part time level, because him and Taker would be awesome, and if not i would love to see Kurt Angle added in with CM Punk and Jerchio for a Triple Threat

  • Mordecai

    Personally it would be pointless to do Undertaker vs. Triple H unless there’s some greater stake at hand such as Triple H’s career. Otherwise I personally would rather see Undertaker take on Wade Barrett if he’s pushed right. Either way I don’t see Undertaker losing this year, as it would overshadow The Rock vs. John Cena, which seems to be the main focus of Wrestlemania…

  • dav3

    the only way it would top last year is a LEGIT HiaC match since that seems to be both of their staple matches. throw in HBK as the ref and it is very watchable.

  • Second City Saint

    HHH already had 2 wrestlmania matches one at X7 and last year Taker should fight Sheamus Ziggler Or Barrett

  • Ron

    I would have loved to see taker Vs Dibiase JR.
    Because logically it makes the most sense.
    Dibiase sr. Brought taker in… It should have been fitting if Teddy JR. Would have been the one to end him. :-/

  • RAMSES 2



  • smb5445

    Sadly it will be Triple H vs Taker for a third time. And I’m afraid HHH will more than likely walk out the winner. They should put someone like Ziggler or Cody Rhodes in the match but they wont to put over a younger guy who can have a good match.

  • scooter

    you know what I’m not going to get caught up in all the jericho speculation the people saying jericho will be back are the same people who said sting would be at wrestlemania last year granted jericho/punk would be a great match but I don’t want more spots being taken from the guys who bust their ass all year for by someone thats just their for the big pay day! same goes for taker and Triple H could be good but its keeping the workers off the card!

  • TS93

    Taker v Barrett maybe. If he faces HHH that will be 3 times they’ve faced off at WM. Same with Kane….

  • JAck45

    You have to have taker at WM plain and simple.
    It doesn’t matter who he takes on, he can make it a great match, sure its probably not needed as there are plenty of other great matches booked, but who cares? we want our 4 hours worth of great matches not just a 45 minute match of cena v rock.
    Taker v HHH last WM was actually well done imo, great to see the 2 beating the shit out of each other to the point where it really was possible the streak was coming to an end.
    It will be hard for creative to pencil in someone else facing taker at this stage so why not keep a feud that is already in place going?

  • no no plz…hhh vs deadman not again..

  • Mark Newton

    Nice comment Eddy wanting a wrestler to injure themselves. !!!! I hope Jericho v Punk happens. couldnt care less about the other 2 matches really.

  • ironcross

    HAHAH i love it suck shit people that dont want to see it, Triple H = GOAT

  • AttitudePl0x

    I liked the match between Triple H vs Taker last mania but I for one do not want to see a rerun of the match.
    Sigh….WWE should just work on the talents they have right now to main event levels and pit THEM against the Undertaker.
    Just look at the fuck they are doing with ex-main eventers such as Sheamus and Christian. I hate the fact that they give wrestlers a push, and bury them completely.

  • Sammo

    I want to see Undertaker face anyone but HHH or Kane at ‘Mania.

  • Will

    Kane v Taker anyone?

  • ice cream bar SUPERstar

    This is fucking stupid. Just let Jericho/Punk and Rock/Cena be the main events. Those 2 matches alone will guarantee a shitload of buys. HHH should not be wrestling Taker, it’s a waste.

  • Slapnuts

    I’m still bucking for Mick Foley (as Mankind) vs. Undertaker, maybe with Triple H as the ref… Triple H twice in a row following Shawn Michaels twice in a row seems played out.

  • Eddy

    i hope triple h tears his quad off the bone again.
    he thinkshe’s on michaels level to go back to back with taker.
    thatguy is hog for the spotlight and always trying to steal someones shine (cm punk)

    Enjoy tour STUPID hammer match at tlc
    dumb ass concept. This fued witj old man Diesel is awesome…. my ass.

  • Philly655

    jericho 2 win rumble 4 title shot… job done.. simples