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Triple H Gives Update On Wife Stephanie’s Weight, How They Juggle Family Life

Shocking photos surfaced late last year of WWE executive Stephanie McMahon appearing in tremendous physical shape, which she credited to her extreme desire to defeat her battle with the bulge following the birth of her three children. Dave Palumbo, who assisted Stephanie in achieving her weight loss goal, spoke to husband Triple H last week in an interview for to ask him how she’s doing with that. The WWE Superstar admits she’s having trouble maintaining her desired physique.

“She’s looking forward to doing that although I think it’s taking her a little bit longer than she was hoping to,” he says of her intention to participate in a photo shoot this summer revealing her abdominal muscles. “Not that she’s been strict, her body’s just been a little bit resistant to change coming up, all the stuff she was doing. But she’s working hard at it. I think once we get past WrestleMania here, she’ll be able to work a little harder.”

He continues, “For Steph, it’s tough. She’s an executive here, which is a 24/7 job, and then on top of that, three kids and then trying to get in shape. It’s a full-time gig to say the least. She’s full hands-on mommy. When the kids are up at the crack of dawn, she’s up and by the time we get home from the office and we train at night, she’s going to bed at one in the morning and getting up with them at six, it takes its toll.”

With their tireless work for WWE, Triple H explains how they are able to juggle family life. He says that while they have assistance taking care of their three children, their work schedule revolves around them.

He says, “We have help, we couldn’t do what we do without help, certainly. At the level and going as much as we are you have to have a team in some way, shape or form. But, that being said, it’s one of the things we really are adamant about. For me and for Steph, our kids and our family comes first, so we take our kids to school every day. We make sure we’re home, if not to eat dinner with them, to put them to bed at night. If we have to work more later, we do. We work all other stuff around that. We try to be with them as much as we possibly can and work everything else around them.”

  • moo

    might I add NO FAT CHICKS.

  • jigsaw

    it seems that both paul & stephanie are trying there hardest to promote as normal a life for their kids as possible & it can be extremely hard with both of their schedules but it seems they are making a good go at it.

    also with stephanies weight loss a womans abdominal muscles can become a little stretched with pregnancy and if she is trying to be as healthy as possible there is nothing wrong with that.

    we all be us male or female can do with a little bit of weight loss i know after doing a 14 hour shift at work driving home it’s often easier to nip into get a burger or some mexican food it’s pretty conveniant & with the wrestlers on the road they are forced to eat alot of take out so they have to work doubly hard to keep their form.

  • cenas_balls_left_in_miami_

    I would Fuck stephanies head off

  • Bastion boogeyman

    This is why fat women shouldnt have children.

  • the_electrifying_one

    Im sure they will take time off every now and again. But all respect to em. kids definatly need to be first. the rest of the world 2nd

  • Jason L

    @ Findlay

    While he said they are full time they are on the road probably 2 days a week (TV tapings) and home in Conn the other 5 but are at WWE HQ doing behind the scenes.

    That being said the fact they do that is a good thing. Since they are part of creative they pretty much HAVE to be at the tapings and with the WrestleMaina week they were probably gone more than usual.

    Also I’m pretty sure they do take extra time off for family. As much as a dick as he’s been in the past with backstage politics I don’t think he and especially Stephanie would want to be away from their children very much

  • Don Laurinaitis

    Stephanie McMahon, Ah Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!

  • Jeff Miles

    Nice comments…I admire both of them!