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Triple H Walks Floyd Mayweather To The Ring Prior To Saturday Night Cotto Fight

WWE star/executive Triple H walked Floyd Mayweather to the ring ahead of his boxing victory against Miguel Cotto on Saturday night from Las Vegas.

Hunter carried one of Mayweather’s championship belts and discretely wore a sling on his left arm, selling the storyline injury he suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar on Monday’s RAW.

Hunter and Mayweather are close friends, dating back to Mayweather’s involvement at WrestleMania 24. Back in 2009, Mayweather talked about wanting Hunter to accompany him to the ring for an upcoming fight:

“Triple H is one of the greatest guys in the world and represents a whole universe of WWE fans that appreciate what he does. He and his stature are huge and I can’t think of a better person to escort me to the ring for my return to boxing.”

  • Men on a Mission

    IF he had a sling on, he was hiding it very well!!

  • rko

    Mayweather is such a douche. I guess he and triple h have something in common.

  • Nicholas

    Good for HHH I say. While other will look an hate out of bitterness is understandable. All HHH wish is that they had the life HHH is having right now an that is the only real reason for HHH haters but the haters will never admit it.

  • 1919dpg

    Beiber did really look uncomfortable during the walk. why would floyg invite that little douche?

  • Malice

    That really sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: Triple H, 50 Cent, and Justin Bieber walk into a boxing match…..

  • Me


  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    @Stevie P

    Oh I agree! I totally agree! But that’s how the boys in suits are in the WWE sadly. Punk was suppose to go to a UFC fight IN CHICAGO and he wasn’t aloud. HHH was cause he can pretty much do whatever he wants now, literally

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I didn’t mind HHH and 50 Cent with Mayweather, since he’s good friends with them, but Justin Bieber aka Marcy Darcy was a joke! He looked lost and scared

  • nick

    Push Tyson Kidd #GethimonRAW

  • Stevie P

    Wait, Trips can do it at a boxing match, but Punk can’t go out to a MMA match? Lame.

  • Disgruntled Wrestling Fan

    At least he sold the arm injury.

  • KC

    so did Justin Bieber lol