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Why Triple H is Wrestling CM Punk, Backstage News on Kevin Nash’s WWE Future

– WWE officials made the decision some time in the past week or so that Kevin Nash won’t be wrestling for them. It’s likely Nash will stick around for the time being and participate in the occasional angle but unless something changes, he won’t be having a match. This is why CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash at Night of Champions was changed to Punk vs. Triple H. WWE knew going into RAW last night that Nash wouldn’t be wrestling.

Nash recently went to Pittsburgh to do physicals for the company and something happened there that made them decide that they don’t want Nash in the ring taking bumps and doing something as physical as a whole match. There is still some chance that Nash could end up wrestling but something happened after the physicals that have put a roadblack in front of Nash’s return match.

The decision to put Triple H in the match with Punk wasn’t made until yesterday. The original plans had Punk going over Nash at Night of Champions.

Source: PWInsider

  • venom

    That’s a shame after the the big deal of bringing Nash back at Summer Slam. Something must have went wrong because I doubt Nash vs Punk was going to be a big feud.

  • cenaWWE

    @Bill 🙂 lol that’d almost make me want to pay to see the ppv since i see all of them for free and i download them @2AM after the ppv has edned!!!!! (won’t reveal where)

  • Stevie P

    Nash tore a quad walking into the doctor’s office. I’m calling it.

  • Bill

    @Nicholas, yes, this is the better match, but I(& maybe others) wanted to see all of us wait for months of HHH(as a heel) screw over Punk, & have it all end at Survivor Series. Oh well. NOC won’t be it for the feud, but I’m pretty sure this is where HHH turns heel & everything is revealed. nWo 2.0? Maybe. Corporation 2.0? Who knows? Either way, HHH is going to screw over Punk at NOC, that’s for sure.

  • Nicholas

    I love HHH haters on the internet keeps saying how he buries talent really like who. They always talk about how he buries talent but never given any name. They just go by what they read on the internet. Oh he didn’t put over RVD for the World title a few years back. You know what I don’t blame the WWE or HHH for not putting RVD over for the World title. Why because he is not World champion material sorry but the truth hurts.

    To me this match is way better then Nash vs CM Punk why because you know both guys will bring it. This is something along the line on Punk be careful what you ask for? Now do I feel HHH will win. Well to me it doesn’t matter along as I see a great match. I don’t care who win. Like the great Hall of Fame Rick Steamboat said in his speech it is not about wins or lost it is about the performance. To me this may be a match of a Year type of match written all over it. I wonder if HHH going to add a stipulation like a street fight or something like that.

  • C – Sation

    i loved hearing the nWo theme took me way back 🙂

  • D2K

    Anyone know why WWE seems to have forgotten that Kevin Nash actually has his own theme music? Or maybe they have lost it?? Coming out to the nWo music made ABSOLUTELY no sense whatsoever unless……………..

    …..well, you know what I’m getting at.

  • CM Mark

    It could be a GREAT match or a burial. I don’t think WWE is going to screw up Punk now though, he’s way too over. I’m looking forward to the match.

  • C – Sation

    i would love to see Nash be a manager , HHH says he wanted to get the tag teams going , and they can call him stable the n.W.o

    wolf pack in the houuuuusssseee!

  • D2K

    Based on the whole ‘visa’ situation with Del Rio that could be the death nail in his title reign. I expect Cena to go over and win the title back at NOC.

  • poko

    Triple H and CM Punk should be a really good match, but there is no way we’re getting a clean finish–or a clear resolution to the dispute between the two. Most likely scenario is Nash interference on Triple H’s behalf, with Triple H declaring innocence. This storyline isn’t going to end at NoC, I wouldn’t think. Still, the WWE has been good at surprises lately, so there might be some other kind of swerve involved.

    It would also surprise me if Cena got the belt back this soon. Yes, he’ll get it back eventually, but they’re really trying to repair his popularity, so I think they’ll have him get victimized by Del Rio a bit more. Yeah, Del Rio will get squashed by Cena and sent back to the mid-card within a couple of months, but it would be foolish to do it now.

  • Doom

    The problem with this company, WWE. Is that they dont get it. Personally while sure HHH vs punk sounds good. Where is the new direction of the company? I mean, if HHH moves into the COO position. I mean he cant keep winning like he always did in the past. I mean come on. The shit gets old. Now with a run in from Nash ok. But I just dont get it. When not build new feuds, instead of its the Punk ride. Then oh wait lets revert to the same old bull shit. But then again, if they turn this like they did in the attitude area where say stone cold or rock was bashing Vince. Then long term this could play out. However, with HHH being a former talent, and him always fucking winning. Im curious to see how this plays out. Its been interesting to say the least. But still, I dont quite get where they are going with all of this. And hoe bag steph back in the mix. hummmmmm. That will be interesting. That woman has a fucking ego and is on a power trip.

  • CC

    @Jared. Can you not read? It says he wont be wrestling.

  • Pin Me Pay Me

    I agree, some interference by Nash will cost Triple H the match. I think it’s probably best to use Nash on a limited basis, but keep him involved in the storyline. Still interesting. I will also agree that Punk vs. Triple H is happening too soon.


    I don’t understand what people see in CM punk anyways.I have been watching wrestling for almost 35 years and he isn’t anything special.His act is a rip off of Jerichos’ whiny heel persona with a splash of anti disestablishment ala stone cold Steve Austin.I mean sure he is a good wrestler, be he isn’t a future legend because he hasn’t done anything that hasn’t already been done before.The thing that really digs at me is that people want raw to be less “PG” and be more edgy and not so fake.Well how is anybody suppose to honestly believe CM punk can’t truly defeat any of the guys he faces, he is like a midget in there most nights, same as the MIZ. It cracks me up because i would compare that to a welterweight MMA fighter taking on a heavyweight fighter.I mean sure there is always a punchers’ chance but Am I seriously suppose to believe 9 times out of 10 that a little annoying whiner who looks about as intimidating as the degenerate next door who lives off the system is going to win a Title!!! Better yet actually hold it for any length of time? LMAo @ the people who are getting into this nonsense thinking this is the dawn of a new era in wrestling when we are still in a steady decline.Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  • John Cheesa

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the main event storyline; so, Punk isn’t being buried. Cena and Del Rio are like the B-plot main event, so to speak. If anything, The Miz is the one who has kind of fallen off the landscape a little bit (although his match with Punk was good while it lasted–and it probably should’ve been saved for a PPV). Punk is easily the most interesting wrestler going right now, and Triple H has always been one of my favorites, so I think this has potential to be a great angle.

  • Destiny

    And here I thought I was gonna get a potty break at NOC; turns out this could be a really good match. I think HHH and Punk is gonna be a really good match for the both of them. The Punk marks make me laugh, any match that isn’t for a belt they are gonna think he’s being buried…If he was being buried he wouldn’t be wrestling HHH, he’d be feuding with somebody unimportant. Its funny how the marks want him as champ all the time, but then rag on Cena and his fans for him being the champ all the time…it would be the same thing if the rolls were reversed. So wrestling fans, as Jared said will never be 100% happy.

    All that being said, I’m looking forward to HHH vs Punk now. I had half expected a handicap match with Nash or Nash as the ref…either way he’ll be involved some how I’m sure.

  • Jared

    I like how TNA got shit for having Nash wrestle but when it comes to WWE its alright. Nothing like stealing the spotlight again from young guys. I know hogan sting and flair still do but its alright in WWE.

    Whatever…wrestling is a strange world that has no one is 100% satisfied.

  • Ron

    Nash wil jackknife both punk and hhh

  • RAMSES 2

    and is dumb to not have a match with nash, thta guy cost him the belt.

  • RAMSES 2


  • BlahH

    no Clickin’ Kev vs CM Punk

  • RUSTanator

    have nash interfere and it takes nothing away from punk

  • Tony A

    The should’ve saved Punk Vs. HHH for survivor series.

  • Symbiote

    I guess there goes Punk’s momentum! First they take him out of the title race & now they put him in a match against the “push killer” Triple H.

  • Sammo

    Nash could get involved in a tag match to cover up his knackered state.

    HHH and Nash vs CM Punk and Colt Cabana!


    HHH will win cause Nash will interfere

  • BlackSun

    i agree, would love HHH vs Punk anyday…especially for what they’ll both bring to the ring! =)

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    i think so too. this will def be a better match, i just hope punk gets a clean victory.

  • elvisD

    I’d rather see Triple H vs Punk anyday, Nash doesn’t have a 5 star quality match in him, Punk made Cena raise his game in the ring, those matches in MITB and Summerslam were Epic, I never saw Cena wrestle so well, I don’t like Cena, but he brought his A game in those 2 matches and have a new respect for him although his gimmick is killing me, as for Triple H, he will bring the best in Punk and vice versa, Nash is good for an angle, but thats about it, thats just what I think