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Trish Stratus Billed as “Toughest Trainer”, Another Video of The Rock Hyping WM

– As noted before, The Rock will be appearing on CNN’s Piers Morgan tonight at 9pm. In a behind-the-scenes video from CNN seen below, The Rock drops more hints on WrestleMania 27:

– Promotional material for WWE Tough Enough is calling Trish Stratus “America’s new Toughest Trainer”, which appears to be a shot at celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels. Tough Enough producers were reportedly interested in getting Michaels to work the show a few months back.

Regarding the new title, Trish wrote on Twitter: “They’re calling me America’s new Toughest Trainer-ha! @trishstratuscom vs @jillianmichaels. Hm, that’d be a good one actually…”

  • chilly

    note, trish is canadian

  • theviewtvshow

    rock has only been in 2 good movies, austin makes him piss

  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    COmpletely agree with “The Great One”

    And I cannot wait to see Rocky beating the $hit out of Super Cena… I have to be honest, wwe has disappointed me so many times since they turned PG but now they got me interested on the outcome of Rock/Cena, mainly because I want that Yaba to get his @$$ kicked!

  • The Great One

    Rock is an actor. Deal with it, dont hate, just be thankful he decided to come back for us, he didnt have to

  • Snark Mark

    “For me as an actor”…. [sigh]