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Trish Stratus Says Chyna Should Go In The WWE HOF, Calls Natalya “Untapped” features an interview with multi-time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus promoting the USA Network’s revival of Tough Enough, who appears as a trainer on the show. She notes that many of the contestants have previous wrestling experience.

“A lot of the contestants have a background,” Stratus said. “They come from wrestling backgrounds. They’ve been doing it for a few years, but it’s an entirely different thing to be doing it on the big stage and to do it professionally and to do it with the grind of the big WWE machine.”

Stratus said of current WWE talent, Natalya is “untapped.”

She explained, “Fans are starting to get to know her more and more and I’m just waiting for the day where she goes out there and really can do her thing because I don’t think she’s been given the opportunity to really get out there and show everybody what she’s got.”

In light of Sunny’s induction into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class, Stratus suggested that Chyna be enshrined next.

“I think Chyna should be next in because she did a lot of stuff to bring attention to the women’s division itself and just presented women as a different thing,” Stratus said. “I think fans were conditioned to see women as eye candy for a long, long time and she really broke the mold with that.”

Stratus also discusses her favorite opponent, her favorite WrestleMania match, incorporating yoga into the Tough Enough contestants’ warming up regimen, as well as the program. The article can be read here.

  • Kurt Angle

    @Mr. Ass. Have you heard of abstinence? Because as much attention as I’ve gotten from teenage girls while teaming with Edge & Christian, that one word kept me pure. I follow my daily routine of milk, vitamins, & a nice bowl of oatmeal right before a 2 mile jog to keep me pure, strong, & focused. I also follow the 3 I’s: Integrity, Intensity, Intelligence. I hope you can do the same, & by the way, I bet that you get none of the sex you always talk about. You sir, are truly an ass. Oh, it’s true! It’s damn true!

  • Mr. Ass

    I’d fuck Natalya. We’d do it HAWT!

  • Jimbo

    You’re right, ugly people don’t belong in the HOF. Derpidy derp.

  • Devil_Rising

    Natalya IS untapped, as in unused. The entire Hart Dynasty was wasted, they didn’t keep them together long enough, and they could have been one of the biggest groups in WWE, but instead…they just broke them up and now they’re floating in obscurity, which is sad, because they’re all amazing young talents.

    And no, Chyna should not be inducted into the HoF. All “she” was, was a steriod freak that was HHH’s girlfriend (barf), so BECAUSE she was his girlfriend, she was pushed as a big star. ONLY REASON. She couldn’t wrestler worth a damn, and her attempts to look more “feminine” were just…..gross. Anyone who ever said she was “hot” back in the day, needs to punch themselves in the balls…..hard. Repeatedly.

  • Dave

    Somehow Tyson Kidd is banging Nattie.

  • Dave

    Chyna won’t get in as long as she stays on drugs and keeps making pornos. If she ever turns her life around it would be possible. However, I don’t see that happening.

  • Jimbo

    @Sam Peters

    My bad. I probably wasn’t watching at the time. I stopped watching regularly between 2008-2010 (until the Rumble).

  • ##

    So natties a virgin??

  • Rucdogg

    Chyna paved the way for the womens division? Last time I checked they had a womens division and title well before Chyna, Fabulous Moolah, Alundra Blaze, Big Bertha, they just werent hot, but Chyna wasnt either

  • GOKU

    I Actually Tapped Nattie, So She’s Not Untapped.

  • @ Jimbo

    Beth Pheonix entered the rumble couple years back…

  • Jimbo

    Also the only woman to enter the Royal Rumble, and if I remember correctly was the only woman to receive a world championship match.

  • Chyna should be in it for the whole fact of being the only woman to win the IC title….

  • chyna paved the way for future transvestites!