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Trish Stratus Details ‘Cold Shoulder Incident’ With John Morrison Last Year

Trish Stratus appeared on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight to discuss her WWE career and how yoga has changed her life. Two minutes into the interview, George Stroumboulopoulos asks the seven-time WWE Women’s Champion if John Morrison resented her appearance at WrestleMania last year. Her participation in the tag team match with Morrison and Jersey Shore star Snooki against LayCool and Dolph Ziggler reportedly upset Morrison and girlfriend Melina.

“I don’t know if he did… he might have said that,” she responds.

Stratus continues, “He’s entitled to his opinion. It was one of these things where we had an epic moment, it was WrestleMania, our biggest stage of them all, and I had been retired. So I’m out of the scene and suddenly I get to come back and be in the grandest stage of all, I get to be at WrestleMania. Well he thought “that’s not cool” because I guess his girlfriend is a women wrestler and so he thought maybe another girl deserved that spot. But, I had gone back to WWE television to do Tough Enough, which was a reality show they did to find the next WWE Superstar. They asked me to be back, we promoted that show, etc. He was a little resistant, like there were some moments where I was like, “Oh, he’s not meshing with me.”

Stratus then details the ‘famous cold shoulder incident’ where she was snubbed by Morrison during their post-match celebration at WrestleMania when she attempted to embrace him.

“We have a famous cold shoulder incident. Well, we’re on live television. We had a match, we won the match, we were victorious as a team and then I went to go like, we do that typical thing, you raise the hand, you point [and he went in another direction, leaving Trish hanging],” she explains.

“I just said to him, “Hey, what you’ve done now, is because your career is made up of moments, so now you’ve taken a moment from the fans, really.” Because they don’t care about backstage politics, they don’t care if you think your girlfriend should be in that spot or whatever it was. So he just denied the fans and himself and that’s that.”

Stroumboulopoulos then asks Stratus if Morrison would have snubbed her had she not been a woman.

“Probably wouldn’t have done that to me if I wasn’t a woman, yeah,” she responds.

The video interview is available here.

  • stockshark28

    Damn Trish quit wining about that already DAMN SAD BITACH!!

  • TS93

    I love how I pretty much said what best in the world said and got 5 dislikes. I love Trisha I just don’t want this to go on for 10 yrs like gail Kim. Guarantee in 10 years Gail will still be bitching

  • keylo

    Monty says It is coming up again because she is being asked the questions in these interviews. Im sure she would rather talk about what she is up to now.

    While that is true she was asked, all she had to do was say she has already answered that question millions of times and is not answering any more on it, as they have no issue with Hollywood stars when they refuse to answer certain things. So I do believe it is down to her and her Willingness to keep talking about it to keep her name in peoples minds.

  • S

    Oh my god! Would she just stop talking about this already? How many times do we have to hear about this?! Morrison cold shouldered Trish.. so what! Can we please move on already? I love trish but she has got to put this behind and stop talking about it at every single interview she does.

  • fivogoeswest

    as most of you i myself am tired of this crap already. it was a year ago. i dont care. trish aint in the wwe and neither is jomo anymore. so who freakin cares. shes just another dumb bitch thats tryin to get whatever attension she can from wwe still.

  • Cool Daddy

    2 years later and I STILL dont care..

  • TS93

    oh go i hope trish isnt turning into gail kim

  • MJ

    Nobody cared about that tag team match it was so fucking short nobody gave a fuck!

  • Rucdogg

    @AttitudePl0x I know exactly what he saw in Melina…that ring intro..that was enough. She may have been a whore and a bitch(at least thats what the rumors are) but lets not act like she wasnt one of the hottest women ever in wwwe. Now would I have put up with her banging other guys and getting me fired? Prob not, but then again ive never been with anyone with legs like that either,lol

  • Monty

    It is coming up again because she is being asked the questions in these interviews. Im sure she would rather talk about what she is up to now.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    This story will pop up again before next years Mania. This and Gail Kim moaning about WWE will never end.

  • BestInTheWorld

    This is getting old. We get it already.

  • Best in the world

    Oh, goodness. Get over it. Like a majority of you wouldn’t do the exact same thing in that situation. John didn’t really even make it noticeable, I watched that WM and didn’t even know anything was wrong until I went on the computer and seen Trish talking about it. Wasn’t like he did something extremely obvious.

  • Splash

    This was almost a year ago and it’s the 100th article about this so who cares at this point anymore? Jomo made a poor decision, Trish handled it like a pro so lets all move on.

  • AttitudePl0x

    Don’t even know what Morrison saw in that whore Melina to ruin his career like that

  • Camille

    Oh please Trish, nobody cares that they didn’t get to see John Morrison and Trish Stratus hugging after a bullshit 3 minute match with SNOOKI.