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Trish Stratus On Receiving Cold Shoulder From John Morrison, Natalya’s Flatulance

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Trish Stratus joined us again recently ahead of the DVD release of her debut movie, Bounty Hunters. We talk to Trish about the movie and whether she has any more movie roles in the pipeline, as well as talk wrestling. Trish talks about her return to WrestleMania last year, Tough Enough and whether she’d return for a second season, the John Morrison “cold shoulder” situation, Natalya’s flatulence gimmick, what she’d book for ‘Mania 28, the latest on her movie project with Amy ‘Lita’ Dumas and more.


What she would have booked for WrestleMania 28: “Personally, I would’ve loved to see Natalya and Beth go and run towards ‘Mania. If you’d asked me a year ago what I would book for ‘Mania this year, I would’ve had Beth and Nattie run together as a team and I would’ve done the Triple H/Batista angle where I would’ve had [Natalya] turned and at the end, we’d have those two at WrestleMania. To me that would’ve been an epic moment. Maybe that would’ve been a good time for Nattie to win the championship back or something like that.”

John Morrison “cold shoulder” following WrestleMania 27: “It probably blew up more than it did between us. It was one of those moments where he was straight up saying, ‘I’m just not really a fan of you coming in’, and that’s fine, everybody’s entitled to their opinion. It’s just unfortunate that his personal feelings translated to our match and that’s where I had the problem.

“We had that moment after Raw where that cold shoulder happened and I said to him, ‘It’s too bad that that happened’. I shook hands, I said, ‘It was a pleasure working with you. Personally I’m a fan. I love the idea of John Morrison and Trish Stratus as a team. I think it would’ve been cool’.”

“If I go back, if we had been on the same page with things, we could’ve created some awesome moments between us. Like when Carlito and I were a tag team, we had similar styles and we got some really neat, memorable moments. I think John Morrison and I — that’s what I was excited about doing, something like this. To me, it’s just unfortunate that we couldn’t get on the page. I wish I had known he was totally on the other side of the page and maybe [there] would’ve been a different approach altogether, rather than finding out live on Raw. [Laughs] But we’re all entitled to our opinions, it’s one of those things – you don’t miss what you never had.”

Whether there was a double standard because she was a female and if he’d have done the same thing with a male legend like Stone Cold or The Rock: “Maybe he thought he could do that a little bit more to me than he could to one of the male Superstars. Maybe there is a double-edged sword there. But who knows? It’s fine. We move on.”

On Natalya flatulence gimmick: “I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment on it directly, but hopefully it’s one of those things where it just gets people talking and it’s kind of like the Molly Holly thing where [we had] the ‘junk in the trunk’ [storyline]. People were like, ‘I can’t believe they’re doing that to her’, but at the end of the day, it got people interested, it got people invested, it got people into what they’re doing and you have something to talk about.”

The full interview is available here.

  • barry horowitz

    and by the way I dont know anybody here you’re right about that…cuz its the internet…idiot.

  • barry horowitz

    shawn calm down you retard of course I’m not going to tell a friend to fuck off just for thinking a woman wrestler is hot but I would in fact tell him to fuck off if he told me kelly kelly is a great athlete and thats why he watches her my point was if you really appreciated the art of wrestling and wanted to see women do just that and not just come out and smile vacantly at the crowd if thats the case and you wanna watch women wrestle take your ass to japan or mexico and actually watch females WRESTLE if you’re just in it too look at a woman be pretty well thats what valets were for back in the day like miss elizabeth or sunny they rarely if ever competed because they couldnt wrestle now any bitch with a boob job and a fake ass smile can call themselves a wrestler.

  • shawn

    jeeesum Christ barry, talk about trippin. i agree. Jomo screwed up. and also i like some lady wrestlers just because i like looking at them. is that such a big problem to you? are you going to f a friend off for admiring a lady wrestler when hes watching whatever show with you? you dont know anybody here, be cool.

  • poko

    Why people care or get upset about this is beyond me. One worker didn’t like another. Happens all the time, and we’ve only heard one side of the story. Trish was a good all-around Diva, and popular, but she is hardly a legend. It was something that happened quite awhile ago. Get over it, people.

  • Bawb

    @Devil and cropsy

    Eh, it’s still kinda relevant for her. After all, she hasn’t done much since. And they were probably looking to get some sort of “ya think he was fired for that” response since he was let go ‘fairly’ recently.

  • cropsy

    I’ve often thought the same thing Devil, I can’t believe its still rellavent.

  • Devil_Rising

    love how JoMo has not said much at all relating to the WM shouldergate, even now no longer part of wwe, yet trish still talks about it

  • Sammo

    I have a lot of respect for Trish… But I firmly feel that diva angles and the word “epic” simply don’t go together. Especially in this era.

    Nattie turning on Beth wouldn’t have been “epic”. In a word, it would have been “Zzzzzzz”.

  • barry horowitz

    but on the subject of john morrison he needs to take his balls out of that dumb bitch girlfriend of his’ purse and realize theres politics in professional wrestling that says trish drew money and morrison hasnt drawn fuckin anybody therefore hes gonna have to eat some humble pie besides melinas I mean seriously he was lucky to even be involved at wrestlemania in such a high profile match that could have been great exposure for himself but instead he chose to be a dipshit and screw his own career over his monkey faced watermelon tittied girlfriend who probably calls batistas name everytime they’re gettin’ it on!!!

  • barry horowitz

    yeah dont trip starship its obvious true money is some slobbering smelly hairy fat ass who probably has some kind of shrine dedicated to his poor unfortunate trish…lemme tell you guys something about trish stratus shes just a very very lucky girl she had very little talent and botched more times then I can count especially at many wrestlemanias she was even a fairly mediocre personality I mean in comparison to some of the divas now shes practically marlon fuckin brando and macho man combined but seriously you people that look back on her as some kind of golden moment in womens wrestling seriously think again you want to see superior womens wrestling watch japanese womens wrestling and you’ll see some top class athletes (which i know on a side note you’ll never appreciate because they LOOK like atheletes not models and you knuckle dragging virgins cant beat off to it) trish is seriously so overrated especially in comparison to talents like lita and ivory and victoria who were WAAAAY better performers….

  • Starship Pain

    By the way. It’s not “And saying…” is “I’m saying…”

  • Starship Pain

    @True Money

    I’m not sucking JoMo’s dick ha ha ha ha. And saying is a shame he’s controlled by his girl, and he’s an “avatar” because he’s controlled (like those blue fucking aliens). JoMo killed his momentum because of Melina, that’s all.

  • True money

    Starship Pain…. Are u done sucking JoMo’s dick?

  • Devil_Rising

    Not sure if you know this, but John Morrison can’t hear you, and he isn’t reading this. So settle down.

  • Starship Pain

    I don’t think Trish was a great wrestler and a legend. She was a model turned wrestler, she was good in the ring, but she was not awesome. She was a regular gal, that’s all. But at least she’s a lady as seen above in the interview, she knows a lot about the business and acts cool. is a shame JoMo is mind controlled by his girlfriend. he’s some kind of avatar ha ha.

  • and another thing, you’re not a fan of Trish coming in doing Wrestlemania, who give’s a shit what you think, your a nobody, you’re not even in Trish’s league!

  • If i was working for WWE, i would have slaped Morrison for disrespecting a legend like Trish Straus, she’s a bigger star then you JoMo, and now you and your slut girlfriend are unemployed. lol Trish has the last laugh ! (: