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Trivia Note On Match Result For Next Weeks’s TNA Impact (Spoiler)

Sting become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion at last night’s iMPACT! taping in Fayetteville, North Carolina, defeating Jeff Hardy. He is now the fifth oldest man to ever capture a world championship.

The oldest would be Verne Gagne at 54, followed by Vince McMahon (54), Terry Funk (53) and Nick Bockwinkel (52). Sting is now 51 years old, the same age Ric Flair was when he won he last won a world championship. Sting, however, is a few months older than Flair was at the time of his last world title win.

Other world champions to have been surpassed by Sting include Hulk Hogan (48) and Lou Thesz (46).



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  • TomC

    @Joe – BRILLIANT

    Pretty sure “oxslanshoot” is nothing more than a troll … a MORONIC troll, but a troll nonetheless.

  • Malin

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  • JOE

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  • oxslangshoot

    ronald is exactly right, tna world championship means fuck all, lmao, the CZW or the IWS : MS chamionships mean alot more. tna will be dead by the end of the year, so all you tna fluffers and fat fucks can be a tna world champion.

  • JOE

    @ronald how is jeff hardy a has-been? leaving wwe on top on your own decision makes you a has-been word?!?!?!? now matt hardy is a has-been no argument there

  • TomC

    Some good news . . . .

    Last night’s episode of TNA IMPACT! drew a 1.26 cable rating, up from the previous week’s 1.13.

  • TomC

    Well, one thing TNA is definitely NOT doing correctly is refocusing some of it’s efforts on the all-but-defunct X-Division. THAT made TNA unique (at least against WWE) and, from time to time, was actually exciting to watch … though, personally, I still prefer the heavyweights. Still, the X-Div was so popular at one point, they were able to focus an entire PPV around it – and it worked.

    I mean, hell … they aren’t even utilizing Jay Lethal or Chris Sabin any more. Kaz USED to be a great X0Div competitor. I don’t see him as “X-Div” anymore – he’s kind of stepped himself up out of that classification .. through he still has the belt. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, if you ask me.

    And the program between Pope and Samoa Joe – forget about it – it’s stupid. Samoa Joe is being so unbelievably under-utilized right now.

    You know, the more you make me think about it, the more I’m starting to wonder what the hell really IS going on with TNA creative and management. I do think there is room for the fan-favorites (or as you call them, “has beens,), but they have to be intermixed with the younger talent strategically and cleverly. Honestly, WHO is actually calling the shots at TNA? Is it Jeff Jarrett? Is it Dixie Carter? Is it Hulk Hogan? Does any body honestly KNOW?

  • Ronald

    First of all, I actually agree with one thing you say. I believe if TNA could tour the country, it would help. Sadly, they can’t go to a real arena because they wouldn’t come close to filling it. Once TNA leaves the iMPACT Zone (or as I call it, the cOMFORT Zone), they’ll take baby steps to being taken seriously.

    Regarding the has-beens in WWE, they aren’t filling the card. On Raw, how many has-beens were in matches? How about at Wrestlemania? The use of Lawler is beyond me, but I’m thinking he may be considering leaving and WWE is paying tribute to a legend. I don’t know. The Rock isn’t wrestling, but bringing back fans, so that’s smart. Diesel appeared for 5 minutes at the Rumble and is under a Legends contract, so he most likely won’t be winning any major championships in WWE (unlike Sting in TNA). Booker T is being used as a broadcaster…. what is wrong with that (other than the fact he’s HORRIBLE at broadcasting)? Austin is hosting Tough Enough. Trish is a trainer on Tough Enough. How many has-beens are current, active wrestlers involved in major storylines on WWE TV right now? Hello?

    Your argument there baffles me. Right now in WWE you’ve got Miz as WWE champ, The Corre (Gabriel and Slater) as tag champs, Bryan Danielson as US champ and Kofi Kingston as IC champ. Um…. those are all young guys who actually have potential, whether you like them or not. If you know the business, it makes sense.

    TNA, when they bring in the has-beens, they put them in top programs and put titles around their wastes. EV 2.0 anyone? Yeah…. ouch.

    What is really troubling is, TNA has real talent on their roster. Really damn good talent that NEEDS to be showcased. If they were properly utilizing their true talent, they’d be having actual success. They should take a page out of ROH’s book and stop trying to be WWE Lite.

  • TomC

    Ironic you bash bringing in “has-beens” …. can you say Booker T, Kevin Nash, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jerry Lawler, etc.? WWE took a page out of TNA’s playbook … the difference, WWE already had the money and broadcast presence on which to build on (regardless of how utterly crappy WWE programing has been over the last several years).

    Do you not even SEE the ironic hypocrisy in your own condemnation?

    TNA has been hovering between a 0.9 and 1.5 rating for quite a while now. One of the primary reasons is EXPOSURE … TNA NEEDS TO BREAK OUT OF THE STUDIO and bring Impact on the road. GUARANTEED they would eventually garner larger crowds. AGAIN, if you know anything about your WCW history, it took WCW YEARS to break out and expand to the point where they could attract sizeable arena crowds. The SAME can be said about TNA, if they would just GET OUT. Eric Bischoff HAS plenty of knowledge of the business – so other than financial issues, I don’t know why they don’t bring Impact out of the Universal Studios backlot. (If you are paying attention, they HAVE been doing a good number of live shows throughout the mid and southeast).

    TNA will NOT be gone in two years – mark my words. They will figure it out. There is far too much potential there – and they have PROVEN that they work on a major cable network – hence the REPEATED RENEWAL of the programming.

  • Ronald

    TomC, the fact that you say you enjoy watching TNA says a lot.

    I’m sure people have been saying it was destined to fail from the beginning, but I wasn’t one of them. I liked the idea of TNA in the beginning (though always have and always will HATE the name).

    Anyway, when TNA started coming into its own with the X-Division and Knocksouts putting on extraordinary matches weekly, I thought they would be a very nice niche in the marketplace. Things were starting to click and they were really taking off.

    Then Dixie decided to bring in Hogan and Bischoff.

    They’re killing TNA. Period. If you’re enjoying what they’ve been putting out the last year or so, then I’m appalled. Right now they’re doing a 1.0 rating. That’s not good. Right before the regime change, they were doing 1.5+. They were on their way. Now? WWE Superstars rivals them (hell, if NXT were still on the air, it might be drawing a rating close to 1.0). It’s sad. Really sad.

    Bringing Sting back and putting the belt on him isn’t even the worse thing they’ve done. The Hardys? Don’t even get me started. Unless something major changes, and I don’t see how it will, TNA will cease to exist in 2 years. Look at the trends, it’s very clear. Dixie is too loyal to those who are killing her company. Not only that, she’s living in the past and paying big money to has-beens who aren’t even helping the company (Hardy, Flair, Hogan, Bischoff, Sting, Foley, Dreamer, etc, etc). I think, if Bob Carter would take control of the company, take out the trash and bring in people with real knowledge of the business, maybe I’d change my tune. Then again, as you mentioned, they’ve been content wallowing in mediocrity the last 10 years.

  • Rucdogg

    Any title won by Sting makes it bigtime, and the fact that TNA is the 2nd biggest wrestling company in the country helps.

    Oh, any title besides the wwa or whatever that crap orginization was him and luger went to after vince bought wcw

  • adam

    ok rusty tna is not competition for wwe. They proved there not with that failed move to monday nights. As soon as TNA becomes even the tiniest bit of a threat to WWE your gonna see vince do one of two thins pick it up big time and even start taking some of tna’s talent or just buy them out like he did with wcw. I used to like tna back a few years ago before this hole hogan era now its just boring. Sting is good and all but i dont get what tna’s obsesion is with giving people the title right away. I know sting has been in tna for awhile but he hasnt actually been active in tna in a long time. It’s the same with rvd his second match in he won the title and now sting”s first match back he wins its kind of lame. Also edge and triple h diserve those titles so does cena to some extent. Does edge deserve that many i dont know but he surived his time and is were he dserves to be.

  • TomC

    Something happened to WWE as soon as Austin and Rock left … it got soft, uninteresting, non-unique. Then, to make things worse, they create “The Spirit Squad” and nearly destroy the “coolness” factor of DX in constantly pitting them against those clowns.

    WWE was best back in the early-late 80’s – when the REAL NWA was creating up-and-risign stars such as Ric Flair, The Steiner Bros, Road Warriors, Sting, Dusty Rhodes. The AWA provided further competition in some ways. The WWE was FUN to watch back then … the matches were better and there was an aire of “importance” and “seriousness” to the whole scenario.

    Today, the WWE is little more than a cartoon. Ever since the “brand split,” practically NONE of the titles have had much meaning – not like they used to when there was just ONE heavyweight title, the IC title was significant and there were DEFINABLE Tag Teams who coveted the tag team titles.

  • TomC

    Oh God God . . HOW MANY TIMES have we heard “TNA will be a thing of the past?” Pretty sure SOMEONE has been saying it from DAY ONE of TNA’s existence – and yet, nearly 10 years later, TNA is still here and STILL showcased on a major cable network.

    Sure, we’ll talk in two years – and you’ll be saying the exact same thing while I continue to enjoy watching TNA.

  • Ronald

    I agree with RAMSES 2, since maybe 1998 (give or take), winning Gold hasn’t meant much. Gone are the days of true champions. Very sad. And why would anyone say I’m a TNA hater? I thought TNA had true potential, but right now, I take the organization less seriously than their name. Any fans of TNA, let’s talk in 2 years. TNA will be a thing of the past.

  • TomC

    To whom are you referring?

  • Truthiness

    Proofread much?

  • TomC

    Ronald – SHUT THE HELL UP, ALREADY !!!

    FACT: The TWO current MAJOR players in professional wrestling – like it or not – are WWE and TNA. In fact, TNA has wider worldwide broadcast coverage now than the NWA ever did. DEAL WITH IT.

    FACT: Your comments based on your pure TNA Hatred don’t mean a thing.

  • nobody

    Edge deserves 11 title wins? News flash. Like 7 of those happened in 12 months and the 11th one happened without even really losing it. Cena deserves most of his more than Edge does

  • RAMSES 2


  • stockshark

    Retard One Nonsense A-hole Loser Dillrod!!

  • Ronald

    Please, please, please don’t include TNA championships when considering championships won. That’s like me just creating my own wrestling organization, winning the championship, then dropping it, then winning it over and over again and then declaring myself the most prestigious wrestling champion of all time. TNA gold doesn’t mean a thing.