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The Truth: A Few Thoughts on Raw

Alright I’m not gonna say a ton about Raw, as really overall there wasn’t very much worthy to note about the show, other than Michael Coles foot, really? Anyway I am sure the show will get covered in depth once or twice, so here are just a few quick things I feel the need to bring up.

R Truth-Morrison:  did anyone know what was going on here? I ll give them credit for at least swerving the angle. It seemed like Morrison was going to turn on Truth, then Truth could get some much needed air time and Morrison could go on to be the top level heel we all think he can be. That idea would have made  more sense. Instead the segment went about 10 minutes too long, saw Truth turn heel, Morrison take the spot in the WWE Championship match and ended with R Truth kneeling over John Morrison smoking?  Is this the official end of the PG Era or is that just a London thing?

Santino: I love his character but him being squashed by Sheamus does nothing for him. A running joke he continues to be.

No Daniel Bryan: what ever reason he was not on the show is not a good one. This guy needs to be on tv every week showing off his skills. Enough said.

The Miz and Alex Riley: will you please stop dressing them alike. People who don’t watch these shows often enough need to be able to distinguish the two of them from one another. They look too similar to wear the same clothes. He is your WWE Champion, MAKE HIM STAND OUT for goodness sake.

Sin Cara:  speaking of  for goodness sake…what in the world are you doing pairing him with John Cena. Did you really need to backseat him to Cena after only three weeks, are you kidding me. He was so hot, the crowd was so hyped up for his entrance and what better way to kill that momentum then to have John (I Dont Belong in this part of the show) Cena come in right behind him. Sin Cara being anyway associated with the participants in the title match at this point makes no sense anyways. And now not only is  he is made to look weak throughout part of the match, but on top of that he has to take a backseat to the WWE everyman in John Cena.  He must have really done something to piss someone off backstage already, because this is no way to push one of your fastest rising talents. Then again WWE does do some dumb $H%T!

In closing, to take a page from a fellow columnist. If you were to ask the star of the show, IMO it would have to be the London crowd. They were hot the whole night, except for when the creative staff made it almost  impossible. And they were great for the back and forth during the Punk Orton match, with dueling RKO and GTS chants.  Without a real star or bright spot on the show, the credit goes to the England crowd for making this one more tolerable. Cheers!

Up Next: later this week I ll update my WWE Draft post from a few months back and see how I did on my predictions. Anyone want to go out on a limb as to who will fill Edge’s spot on Smackdown?

  • erik

    great raw review. I would say is it me or does miz and riley having the hello t-shirts remind you guys of eugene?