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The Truth: HHH and Taker Wheres The Heat?

by Amish Patel - March 28, 2011

I don’t wanna take anything away from WrestleMania, as I am very excited about it. This time a year is about the best in the wrestling business and being reminded and rewarded for years of being  a loyal viewer, but there was one angle on Raw (keep in mind this is mid show) that really bothered me.

I didn’t care for the way the Orton and Punk confrontation ended, nor the Edge  Del Rio, as I felt they both left the crowd flat at the end, rather than wanting more. But the one that really sticks in my craw ( am I using that right)… is The Undertaker Triple H face off.

First thing is first, Shawn Michaels should never have been involved. They had so much heat and intensity going with both mens entrances, that putting Michaels in there, while it did create an initial pop, really took away from the feud. Having Undertakers gong interrupt Triple H’s  water spit was brilliant, the crowd loved it. At the point, they could have easily had Triple H after a brief pause with the crowd going nuts, spit his water in Takers face and have them go blow for blow until someone, maybe even HBK broke it up. End it with a throat slash and crotch chop and BOOM the crowd is hotter than ever to see this match.

Second thing wrong, the other option they could have taken, was when Triple H asked HBK why he would win Sunday and then looked back at him. I assumed HBK would peel off his shirt and show a referee shirt. It wouldn’t have made a ton of sense story line was but the crowd would have eaten it up and it would have made for an interesting twist match wise. Would HBK call it down the middle and if and who would he potentially superkick during the match.

I am excited about this match up the last thing I will say is that, WWE did a great job of a build without any physical action between the two men but this was time. There was far too much mutual respect going on. Might be a good drinking game to play. Go back and watch that segment and take a drink everytime you hear the word respect. We get it, you don’t have to make it that obvious they respect each other.

I am looking forward to the match, however I don’t think creative did enough to create that added heat that this feud deserves. Lets all hope for the best.

  • Mannul

    And I thought I had alot of time on my hands haha. Just take it for what it was,it happened and we can’t rewind time. It’s Mania time so let’s just watch it and enjoy it.

  • theviewtvshow

    the heat in there when i fuck your mother with a angle grinder you slopehead dumb fuck

  • kenn

    I think the only reason it fell flat for me is because as HBK walked away after being asked if HHH can win…. he was right! We already know HHH cannot beat Undertaker because it happened at Wrestlemania 17.

  • Jay

    I will say that I thought it came across well for fans who have paid attention to how the promos for the match have changed. the Undertaker scoffed at HHH just as he did when the challenge was initially made because he could see that HHH was starting to doubt himself (just as the Undertaker said he would last Friday) because Shawn no longer think HHH can win. good stuff.

  • Hunter

    If you liked it, then fair play. I thought the montage stories did more for the fight than that segment.

    I’m more than excited for this match, but as I said before- it was only when ‘Taker took the mic that it got interesting… then it ended.

  • Jeff L

    I agree Hunter, HHH segment was really lacking but the Undertaker insulting Michaels was the hottest part of the segment, it just needed to end with some physicality.

    Bcmbuy, I am a critical wrestling fan not bitter. I am extremely positive about many things that WWE has to offer, The Rock being back, some of the young talent, WrestleMania itself etc. This however was to me a segment that could have been delivered much better.

    If you liked it thats all that matters.

  • bcmguy

    Only bitter wrestling fans would take a near perfect promo and be critical. You got to be kidding me.
    I’m with Jim Ross who said on Twitter: “Taker, HHH & HBK just executed a masterpiece.”

  • Hunter

    I agree, it was so flat. You could see the tension in the building when they went face to face- playing off the the original confrontation a few weeks back.

    I personally didn’t get in to HHH’s part of the segment, it was when ‘Taker went after Shawn saying how he humbled him that it got my attention… but then the segment ends. I’m guessing we are supposed to read it as HBK not think Trips will win, but what a poor ending to something that should have been spectacular.

  • Jeff Long

    Thanks for the read jessy, I wasnt exactly sure what to title, I may even change it at this point, I just wanted to get the thoughts out there while they were fresh in my head.

    I agree Bill, it almost would have been better to turn HHH heel for this feud, even if it was just a one shot deal like HBK did back when he fought Hogan. How great were his heel promos.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

  • Bill

    Great segment, but yeah, too much respect. They were trying to not sound like they were heels, so its undertstandable. Should’ve had HHH say that the reason why he thinks he can break the streak is cause he’s better than HBK. Turn him heel, screw the respect, do the whole “put you down” thing, & have HHH yell at HBK like he did. Oh well.

  • Jessy

    Agreed! At first glance, I thought I would hate your article. But I’m glad I kept reading because you put forward a lot of good points. The brawl would’ve been sick, the HBK-referee shirt thing would’ve worked out hype-wise, and they did go too far with the “respect” thing. I still think the segment was well-done though and I’m definitely looking forward to this match. WrestleMania 27 may turn out to be a pretty good event.

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