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What Turned One Sports Network Away from WWE’s TV Deals, How WWE Is Perceived, More

– It’s said that at least one cable sports channel was very interested in signing WWE before the deal with NBCUniversal was done last week.

When the channel heard what WWE wanted in return, they lost interest. Word is that WWE overplayed their hand in negotiations from day one and that’s what led to a lack of bids from other networks.

The perception in the TV industry is that WWE was cheap programming that helps their station with ratings.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Timothy Davis

    Kind of like how Springer was trash to TV networks but they all would take it cause people watch and it won’t cost them much. Just an example of how I think people see it.

  • Timothy Davis

    In order to be monetarily cheap it has to be viewed as being a cheap product. Wrestling has always been looked down on by other forms of entertainment. They expected a boost in ratings without paying because they feel its an inferior product. So yeah they thought it was cheap because they feel its cheap entertainment. IMO.

  • Omar

    I think they meant Monetarily Cheap and since WWE asked for a lot, they didnt appear; Cheap.

  • Timothy Davis

    And all forms of reality tv arent? lol