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– It is believed that TNA Wrestling’s May and June pay-per-view events, Sacrifice and Slammiversary, drew approximately 8,000 buys apiece. The gross sum per event would total to approximately $111,000 for the company, though that is before the expense of running a live pay-per-view event is factored in.

By comparison, TNA drew in the neighborhood of 25,000 to 30,000 pay-per-view buys when iMPACT was airing at 11 p.m. on Saturday nights. And when WCW was on its death bed, the company was still garnering approximately 40,000 buys per pay-per-view.

To draw another comparison, illegal live streams of TNA Wrestling pay-per-view events are nowhere near as popular as that of World Wrestling Entertainment and UFC. According to a source in monitoring, there are usually thirty to fifty unique live streams for wrestling pay-per-view events with an average of 1,000 viewers per stream prior to its termination. For last week’s Victory Road pay-per-view, there were only five streams across the major live streaming sites — Justin.tv, Ustream.tv and freedocast.com. Victory Road garnered less than 1,500 viewers per stream. Meanwhile, live streams for WWE events are in the triple digits with most averaging 60,000 viewers, and UFC events tend to have live viewers in excess of 200,000.

Source: F4Wonline.com

  • wtf???

    wwe or tna. its all fake. why spend 50 bucks on something you can watch for free.

  • channing

    as to Edge 3000 what in the blue hell are you talking about WWE won’t push young talent? You need to stop sucking on Tna’s tittes and get back to reality such as the miz won money in the bank, Sheamus is the WWE champion, The Hart Dynasty are the tag champs, Nxt beats Cena 1-2-3, Evan Bourne was in Money In the bank. Every champion on the Raw brand are new talent, should i mention smackdown, then people complain the new guys being push like the miz for winning money in the bank

  • channing

    um wow 8,000 buys lol, um tna should just show there payperviews for free and try to get that 1.3 that they have been hoping for. This show believes it can compete against WWE is like me being president of the us which is never going to happen TNA should just go nude for the knockouts and call it a day

  • venom

    I guess TNA is on life support. What is TNA going to do when Hogan, Flair, Nash, Sting, Mic Foley, and Angle retire? That is why they need to push new young talent. They need to create their own stars.

  • Al

    TNA’s buy rates have always been in the 1000s range. thats why they never publicly announce it.

    I think whats important is that they are making $$, which nobody knows except ppl in TNA

  • obese turtle

    I like TNA. Better wrestlers, worse everything else.

  • thetalkingbox

    Stop lying. None of you guys really like TNA.

  • sean

    i was tempted one night then i realized i had this webise for results and their show for results to see who won that night

  • EDGE-3000

    TNA needs to start pushing Men and Women’s Tag Division, X-division, Knockout division and push some of their own guys like Wolf, Joe, ect that WWE don’t do. That will give TNA a better chance in the future.

  • jay

    oh @ truth are you serious? the ratings have gone up a little since hogan and bischoff havent been on. when hogan debuted it was big for them but since then how have they changed?

  • jay

    what if and this is an amazing idea so just hear me out. what if they had hulk hogan, changed the ring to four sides instead of six, had eric bischoff in there as well, and a whole bunch of ex wwe guys to push instead of there own. i think that would work for them. hell wwe better start packing there bags now

  • Truthiness

    @luckysalt Wow, you’re clearly a mark for TNA, which is a pathetic thing to be considering what TNA has become since Hogan got there. Hulk Hogan is the antidote for success.

  • Richter Belmont

    Let’s face it, TNA will be dead in a couple of years and there will never be another wrestling promotion to come even close to WWE in North America again. WWE is going to be the only promotion in this country and nobody will give another promotion a chance. That will be the day I quit watching wrestling.

  • Logan


  • Joe

    I don’t know what’s wrong with people. TNA is great. They are a very talented and passionate bunch. They insult your intelligence a lot less than WWE does. The best part…they not rated PG! They can bleed and do Flair chops!

  • luckysalt

    What an awful piece of writing

    Why are F4 comparing TNA and WWE/UFC buys??? Idiots

    Like Heyman said the other week, WWE has like 90-95% of the market and TNA 5-10% so thats gunna be relative in PPV buys too

    Bloody idiots, also add into the factor that WWE charges for their PPVs worldwide whereas outside the USA TNA’s are free to air on TV

    Just shut up and don’t report anything if their isn’t anything worth reporting

  • Burt

    Can’t wait for TNA as a third brand where Goldust is your champion! Also, seeing AJ Styles and Samoa Joe on NXT4 will be kinda cool. Too bad they’ll be winless and given, respectively, Kelly Kelly and Hornswoggle as Pros. Yay for the future!

  • Matt

    You hear that whoosh sound….

    That’s TNA going down the toilet.

  • Truthiness

    @edgehead15 I think JD was making a joke based on the fact that TNA is basically WCW reloaded. They have the same horrible decisions and more wrestlers than they can book for.

  • edgehead15

    JD it;s an all ECW-PPV.

  • JD

    Clearly TNA should be making an all-WCW PPV. Oh wait.

  • billnyethescienceguy

    i don’t really think anything is gonna help tna at the moment. WRestling in general isn’t as popular anymore as it used to be.

  • i dont care

    i was one of those watching TNA on justin.tv…..of course i spent the rest of the week in hospital in a coma though

  • Treg

    People don’t even want to watch TNA for free lol

  • Truthiness

    Just to sum up this article, TNA is crap.

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