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– Below is video of Diamond Dallas Page and Stevie Richards, who is a certified DDP Yoga instructor:

– As noted on Monday, WWE will be coming out with a new adult-themed animated series called Camp WWE. Former WWE star Tyler Reks, who got into some trouble while he was with WWE for his Midcard Mafia cartoon, reacted via Twitter:

“I almost get fired 4 an “irreverent” cartoon & @WWE decides 2 make their own? Hope Mark Henry doesn’t cry about it. Kinda makes me wanna release the 2 episodes of #MidCardMafia season 2 that I have sitting here….”

– WWE noted on RAW last night that they are on pace to exceed 2 billion views on YouTube this year.


    Oh man they must be cousins the resemblance is uncanny

  • millerj265

    Nope that was a different guy but they did have somewhat similar looking faces, but rico was a lot buffer then Stevie ever was, the guy was an amateur or maybe even pro body builder before getting into wrestling.


    Yeah man it was crazy because he was so talented I was so glad when right to censor came around it was like he finally came into his own. Was he Rico also he just looks like him

  • millerj265

    I nvr said he wasn’t, in fact I clearly said good for him for staying in shape, and then getting into the best shape of his life at 40 yrs old. Stevie himself says in the video, im in better shape and I look and feel better now then I did when I was in my 20s and 30s. I don’t think looking like he does now would have guaranteed him a run with the wwe title, but I think it would have help him break out of the low carder level he was stuck in virtually his entire wwe run. He might have made it to the mid to upper level of the mid card with a few second tier title runs not out of the realm of possibility, because this is the wwe, and whether we as fans like it or not Vince loves big muscle guys, and while stevie was without question in great condition and obviously cut, he was skinny as a rail with very little muscle definition or tone, in Vinces eyes that is I mean, he looked better then I do now at 24 and now looks twice as good as I do, but to vince im sure he just looked like a skinny guy with little to no muscle, which was completely unfair and wrong, but it was Vince’s world, and as unfair as it was that undoubtedly held Stevie back. And as far as Taz and Raven go, Taz nvr stood a chance being under 5’10” cause again whether its fair or not, vince didn’t see guys the size of Taz as being able to draw, and with the effects of the broken neck he received in ECW starting to creep up on him, his time as an active wrestler in the wwe was quickly approaching its end before he even debuted at the 2000 rumble. And as for Raven, man I got nothing, other then him maybe having a bad reputation or a substance abuse problem at the time, which im not saying he had either of those 2 things im just grasping for straws here in an attempt to make sense of why the WWE didn’t push Raven, because the guy had it all, and he could have been IMO a decent draw for them, especially in 02 following the loss of rock and Austin as full time acts all the way till Cena became established as the top guy in 05-06, but only if he had been booked well upon his debut in 2000 and for the remainder of that yr. But as we all know he for some reason wasn’t, and by the time the invasion angle came into play less then a yr after his debut he was just another guy standing in the background for Steve Austin.

  • millerj265

    Your right he was floating around here and there back then, occasionally showing up on tv, and I think he was either stealing multiple wrestlers gimmicks when he wrestled, doing a similar angle to the one he did in ECW that led to the BWO, or he stole micks dude love gimmick and mick said he could just keep it, im fuzzy on the exact details but if nothing else I think im at least in the ball park of what he was up to then lol.


    He was in wwe before 2000.also they formed right to censor in 2000 I think it was 98 when.he came


    He tried to mimic too many people at first for me the most annoying was hbk.

  • http://retrorevelations.blogspot.com/ Jesse Moak

    what are you talking about? He was always in great shape, and always a great worker. It doesn’t mean WWF was ever going to push him any more than they did. If they don’t push a TOP ECW star who deserved to be a top WWF star like Tazz or Raven, then how in the the hell do you expect them to do anything worthwhile with a guy like Stevie?

  • millerj265

    Man I gotta give it up to Stevie the dude is ripped, if he had looked that good when he first came to the wwe in 2000 his career might have gone a completely different rout. But good for him on staying in shape, and for getting into even better shape in his 40s then he was in is 20s and 30s.

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