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Tyson Kidd Discusses Looking for a New Partner, His Talents & CM Punk

– WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd recently spoke with Tim Baines of The Ottawa Sun. Below are some highlights, via Slam Wrestling:

His talents:
“I know it might come across as arrogance. I’m sorry, but I know I can outperform a lot of people. But when the (door opens), I’m going to kick it in.”

Looking for a new partner:
“I’m a big fan of tag teams again. I’ve been looking, scouting (for a partner). I’ve done a couple of matches with Johnny Curtis and Justin Gabriel. When I teamed with Justin, I thought we gelled perfectly. Even with a guy like Trent Baretta. I think we could give a Hardy Boys type of feel.”

“People have said it before, but if it’s not your goal to be at the top, what are you doing this for? I’ve set a bunch of little goals that I hope to accomplish. And right now, the tag team scene is what I want to do.”

WWE Champion CM Punk:
“He has a different way of thinking than most guys. Basically, the message is if I’ve come this far, I’m already halfway into the forest and I can’t go back. He’s a guy I can text anytime. If it’s 4 a.m. and I text him, he’ll text me back.”

  • adam tarasievich

    Erase the last part of my comment it was kofi teamed with the waste of space mason ryan. Id say another good option for tyson would be drew mccyntire they are both entertaing and good in the ring and being burried by jokes like santino.

  • adam tarasievich

    They will never bring in teddy hart because of his attitude problem. It would be awesome if they rehired David Hart Smith. But i see it very unlikely he seems to be focusin on MMA and unless he goes to tna and starts doing good and wwe gets scared they wont make a move. As for potential partners i think trent or curtis would be the best. With trent they could make a entertaing team like the hardys. With Johnny they could make a kinda hart dynasty team were you have the small quick great techincal wrestler and the big guy who is great in the ring as well. As for the stories of him teaming with Mason over the weekend that is a f’n waste.

  • Jura

    Bring back the Dude Busters they could feud with Hawkins and Reks. If they cant bring in Dh Smith bring “The Loose Cannon” Teddy Hart he would be the next best fit for Kidd.

  • ##

    Team Trent with somebody already!! As a matter of fact, bring back the Dude Busters!! They were really good.

  • Devil_Rising

    Kidd is one the single biggest wastes WWE has been guilty of in the last many years. The other was Low Ki/Kaval, and of course Harry Smith.

    I’d love to see Smith come back, and re-team with Kidd. But it would be nice to at least see Kidd on Smackdown again, instead of just their crappy internet shows and Superstars.

  • venom

    I think the tag team scene is best for Kidd at this point. Bring in somebody from FCW to team with him. I don’t think he can find a better tag team partner than DH Smith.

  • Wellsy

    They need to bring back DHS to tag with him. Both Kidd and Natalya are jobbing. The Hart Dynasty had a lot of credit and were a legitimate group. They need to bring them back and get the tag team scene going again.

    The Usos, Colons, Hart Dynasty should be carrying the tag team scene for a few years.

  • shawn

    i still think the WEE is ridiculous for getting rid of DH Smith. because of that they dont know what to do with Kidd.

  • perhaps drew can be your partner

  • Francisco

    Tyson Kidd is a great wrestler vince just needs to givehim a chcance but he loves big guys with little to no talent like John cena and mason ryan. kidd can be one of the very best little guys in wwe history Vince!!

  • Bill

    Yes! Form a new tag team WWE!