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Tyson Kidd Loses Another Manager, PPV Poster for WWE Money in the Bank

– It looks like Michael Hayes may be done as Tyson Kidd’s manager already. After Kidd lost to Yoshi Tatsu on last night’s Superstars, Hayes went to help Kidd up but ended up elbowing him back to the mat. Hayes said he has better things to do than hang around losers. There was talk that Hayes would be managing other WWE talents so it’s possible WWE will keep him in the managerial role.

– Below is the first WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view poster with John Morrison, courtesy of a German cable provider:

  • Ender011

    Actually, R Truth would be a perfect winner of MITB. And he should lose, only to get the belt at a later stage of course.

  • CC

    @Ron since when is wiki a reliable source? If Smith and Natalya are were managers, then Kane is Big Shows manager and vice versa.
    Christian used to be Edges manager, The Miz was Jerichos manager, Owen was Brets manager, HBK was HHH’s manager etc etc etc

  • Thomas

    I just read that Randy Savage died in car accident I had heart attack while driving

  • Ron

    According to wiki, nattie, dh, and Jackson Andrews count as managers…

  • CC

    What do you mean, why dont they make storylines longer? This could just be the begining of a storyline where Tyson is sick of being a loser, similar to Sheamus. Somehow I’d guess that this was the exact reason Hayes was added as a manager.

    As for the title of this article. Why is it “another” manager?
    He hasnt had a manager before. He was part of a faction with Natalya and Smith, and Jackson Andrews was sposed to be a bodyguard.
    You can hardly call his initial time with Natalya as her being his manager seeing as she was an active wrestler.

  • Stevie P

    Haha so that was quick. Why don’t they make story lines longer?

  • I predict R-Truth will be built huge for this money in the bank, only for Jomo to return and win!!

  • Sammo

    Easy come, easy go.